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Why buy promotional products?

Custom branded products create brand fans!

When it comes to creating a buzz around your brand or strengthening an existing relationship with your clients or prospects, branded merchandise is an exceptional tool. Investing in promotional gifts to hand out to your brand followers will bring further engagement and an additional following to your products or services.

Promotional gifts can drive more online engagement

Branded promotional products uk can be used to drive traffic to a website, draw additional purchases online, and can be an effective marketing method to create additional revenue with the increased order value.

Printed clothing can drive additional revenue

Promotional clothing is embraced by sports clubs to retail to their loyal fan base, with embroidered baseball caps through to custom printed t-shirts. Investing in branded clothing can help create an additional revenue stream for clubs, with the option to sell their custom branded merchandise to team supporters at sports events or fill an online shop.


Branded T-shirts

Embroidered Caps

Branded Poloshirt

How Promotional Products increase engagement

Driving attention to your companies stand at an exhibition or event is often challenging in a busy hall full of competitors. A considered range of promotional products to entice the exhibition visitors across to your stall will see your events team enjoy additional conversations with a larger audience and provide more opportunity for reaching out to the attendees after the events. Games can be created at events such as the 'spin to win' game where a return for a spin and promotional giveaways will see your sales team gain additional leads. We recommend you give some thought to your exhibition stand display. With your print collateral, you could consider an attractive promotional product display of corporate promotional metal pens and practical branded technology such as the ever-popular promotional charger cables or branded wireless charger pads. Including popular promotional products into your marketing mix at the event will ensure you have more interactions than your competitors.

Branded Metal Pens

Promotional Charger Cables

Branded Wireless Charging Pads

7 reasons why Eco-friendly promotional products work

As the world shifts its view to sustainable options within branded giveaways to reduce the use of single-use plastics and waste disposed of in a landfill, eco friendly. promotional products are now widely available. We know sustainable eco promo options work.

1 - Eco friendly branded gifts will show your clients that you have a strong corporate responsibility and that the reduction of single-use branded items is no longer a marketing ideal as you are concerned about the sustainability of our planet.

2 - Promotional products created from Bamboo and wood such as the Garland bamboo pen are very on-trend. Organic materials in promo materials is an ongoing move away from the generic plastic pen giveaway and much better looking on on an executive desk.

3 - Eco friendly promotional giveaways are very cost-effective. With so many options of bamboo items and recycled plastic alternatives, the cost compared to previous plastic and non-recycled advertising materials is the same. There is a varied range of cheap eco friendly promotional items with more to be included in 2021.

4 - Branded wooden pens and engraved wooden keyrings look stunning when completed as a set. Why not invest in a sustainable bamboo gift set to hand out to your clients to show your appreciation and further improve on your existing relationship.

5 - Natural eco jute shopper bags will be used time and time again, as they are 100% biodegradable we recommend you take a look at the range to gift to your customers. Jute bags are a very effective marketing tool as if you are in the catering or fresh food industry, plus side when in use, your customer will continue to advertise your brand.

6 - Branded promotional products uk made from recycled plastics such as the eco friendly trolley coin keyring are lightweight, affordable, and fully letterbox friendly. As a mailable option, you can promote your brand to a wide audience by including a promotional giveaway in a direct mail campaign.

7 - Considering eco friendly promotional product alternatives will help reduce your carbon footprint as a business, and reduce waste from landfill when you gift a sustainable branded item, your show your audience that you care.

Bamboo Promotional products

Branded Bamboo Pens

Printed Jute Bags

New sustainable promotional products for 2022

As sustainable promotional giveaways gain even more traction for 2022, The Branded Company team have collected a choice selection of eco friendly promotional merchandise to offer to our clients.

Branded eco friendly merchandise gift boxes

As the work from home message continues through the Spring of 2021, how do you gift your clients a promotional selection. We have your eco merchandise home office box covered. We are huge fans of this promotional merchandise box, not only is it a great way to get your logo in front of your clients or prospects but its mailable size means you can advertise your brand affordably with most courier options and show your clients you care by opting for the sustainable route.

Eco promotional lunch boxes

Looking to promote your brand to an active audience?, is your marketing prospects are in the education sector, or commute for work, a branded eco lunchbox is a fantastic idea. As our printed lunch box is made from a blend of bamboo fiber, and available in select shades of pastel blues and neutral beiges, the lunch box ticks all the boxes for a stylish and relevant branded giveaway.

Eco friendly plant pots

We just love the addition of the promotional herb pot made from wood. One of the most unusual promotional gifts to place a smile on your client's face. We feel that as a sustainable solution to advertise your brand, supplied with seeds if your marketing message contains slogans such as 'grow your business' or 'growing together' the pot will create a lasting impression.

Branded Eco cork notebooks

Promotional merchandise can be elegant, practical, and eco friendly all at the same time. Our range of cork notebooks is classically styled but sustainable. Manufactured from craft paper this eco friendly notebook should be considered for resale if your shop is looking for sustainable merchandise options, or used at events or exhibitions as a stunning notebook giveaway to potential new business prospects.

Printed wheat straw wireless chargers

Branded wireless charger devices remain a popular promotional technology gift. If you are looking to advertise your brand with a branded gadget why not pick an eco friendly wireless charger option. We love this option due to both the design, ultra flat shape, and the fact that it provides a sustainable alternative to plastic builds.

Promotional wheat straw pocket power banks

The use of sustainable wheat straw as an alternative to plastic casing has been embraced by promotional uk merchandising companies throughout 2020. In 2021 we see further introductions of ranges to promotional gadget options. The eco friendly wheat straw power bank option provides enough power to re-charge your mobile phone up to 3 times. Paired with a wheat straw cable you have yourself a stunning, practical eco friendly technology giveaway set!

Top 3 business merchandise ideas

Promotional executive gifts have remained an important marketing tool for the last 50 years. You may ask why is corporate gifting important? simply put it shows your clients appreciation for their support. Gifting a branded corporate gift leaves a warm feeling with your client, even more so when it's practical and applicable to their day to day lives. We are often asked how effective are promotional products?, simply the more they are used the further your brand will be marketed.

Branded Water Bottles Uk

With busy lives and the need for travel bottles, we recommend you explore our extensive travel mugs range. We advise that you give some thought to your audience receiving your branded merchandise. Are they likely to be working mostly at their desks? If so our Ashford plus stainless steel drink bottle will go down a storm, and benefits your brand with an ideal brand colour match as the range of colour options are vast.

If your customer base is full of busy traveling executives a promotional stainless steel travel mug such as the insulated car mug would be a well-received practical gift, plus advertise your brand when your clients are out and about.

Branded parker pens

When it comes to promotional corporate gifts the brand Parker is synonymous with quality. Our branded metal pen range is huge but our most popular corporate metal pen gift is the Parker pens range.

We recently introduced the Parker pens gift sets which include both a branded parker notebook alongside a classic parker pen. The sets are a classic corporate branded gift, that will stun any receiver. For financial services and consultancy based businesses, the branded Parker Jotter ballpen and the Branded Parker Vector ballpen remain staple favourites with our corporate client base.

Branded Merchandise Boxes

2020 has been the year of inventive promotional merchandise hitting the UK, with one of the biggest challenges covered on how to deliver branded merchandise to your audience or clients, when the majority of employees are working from home. Our strong supplier network has filled the gap for the letterbox and direct mail friendly promotional product boxes and we are excited to offer full colour promotional gifts sets such as the Mood gift set and corporate gift packs

Desk Water Bottle Range

Printed Jute Bags Uk

When handing out your executive merchandise you need to consider a promotional bag that represents the quality of your corporate gifts. A branded jute bag with its rustic charm and large print area allows you to further advertise your brand with every use. Our best selling jute bag remains the medium jute bag.

Promotional Gadgets and Technology

When it comes to looking for unusual promotional gifts, branded technology items have it covered. For busy executives branded wireless chargers to sit comfortably on a desk, or promotional charger cables provide a practical technology essential that will be used time and time again. Alongside custom USB flash drives is a complete range of promotional technology items that will advertise your brand to a wide range of users within an office or shared commercial space.

Corporate Golf Umbrellas

Promotional golf umbrellas are consistently popular with all sectors and industries. Investing in a good quality printed umbrella will ensure your logo is viewed widely with every use. Our massive range of corporate umbrellas vary from the standard smaller bag sized promotional telescopic umbrella for city and commuter use, through to sports spec and stormproof umbrellas such as our best selling promotional umbrella the Fibrestorm. Should your marketing audience work within the Finance and Insurance sector take a look at our promotional city crook handle, with the ever-popular crook handle.

Our predicted best promotional giveaways for 2021

Working so closely with our clients we begin to see trends in requests alongside the new promotional product ranges introduced to our account management team with our supplier partners. 2020 has been a year of changes and branded merchandise selections have responded to the need for practical promotional product trends, mostly to protect the users, or provide a custom solution to government restrictions on shopping or social activities. Gifting promotional merchandise to be worn or carried around for use day to day will guarantee additional brand exposure.

Promotional Bandanas

Printed bandanas have both a practical purpose as a branded face covering, but also with a full colour digital print double up as a fashionable personal clothing piece. With a soft polyester microfiber build, our range of branded snoods is both on-trend and super comfortable to wear.

Branded face masks

2020 has been a year of surprises, and the promotional face covering range has been extremely popular. With our range of branded fabric face masks making the top 5 most requested promotional merchandise item, we expect the trend to continue into 2021. We also love promotional clothing items, as they are easy to mail to your customers, and retail on your merchandise webshops. If you have a loyal base of sports fans, why not consider adding a custom face mask to your personalised merchandise selection?

Anti - Bac Promotional Products

Branded anti bac promotional products are here. With our promotional anti-bacterial product range, you can gift branded merchandise coated with a protective surface treatment to destroy germs on contact, with the silver nanopowder additive. We expect the anti-bac range to be embraced completely by marketers as they explore alternatives that stand out from the usual promotional products selection. Choice favourites like the contour curvy ballpen are not available as anti-bac promotional pen options, alongside anti bac trolley coin keyrings.

As lightweight promotional giveaways, they also serve to add a level of protection to the user. We predict a big trend for anti-bac merchandise in 2021.

Bamboo promotional products

As the trend for sustainable promotional products continues, the range of eco friendly branded items continues to grow. Bamboo is a fully natural product that has been used to manufacture core promotional product ranges and some of the more unusual promotional gifts. from Bamboo pens to Bamboo wireless charging stands, natural- looking promotional items has always looked well on any desk, office reception, or event stand. With such a huge variety of bamboo merchandise now on offer, we predict it's going to become even more popular in 2021. If you want to pick a winning branded gift that covers the printed drinkware box and the eco friendly box all in one, take a look at our Bamboo Tumblers.

Custom promotional clothing works and here's why

Branded corporate workwear has been used for the last 70 years.

Your team can advertise your brand every single day, when serving your customers in retail, or looking after your restaurant clients.

Your employees will advertise your brand

Simply by wearing your logo around your restaurant or retail premises. Branded corporate workwear is not just for events, it can be used to advertise your brand every day like a walking billboard.

Help your customers locate your team members

Promotional clothing such as a custom polo shirt or embroidered fleece will show your visiting customers who are members of your team to assist and can also be used to advertise your company slogan and brands.

Teamwear for events help your team look like pros

When it comes to event team wear, make sure your account managers or sales team at your exhibition represent your brand image and professionalism with corporate branded shirts or smart shell jackets. Standing apart from the competition as a uniformed team of professional sales representatives will bring your more leads and more engagement.

Why using corporate promotional gifts strengthens customer relationships.

Business merchandise has long been recognised in cementing corporate relationships. Used as an effective marketing tool to increase interactions online with social media competitions to providing an advertising pack when a prospect enquires about your goods or services. Corporate gifting is embraced by business development teams globally as an effective solution to creating a reciprocal relationship with existing clients and potential clients during face to face visits.

We recommend that when searching for your merchandising products you consider the sort of promotional gifts that will appeal the most to your customers. Are you considering holding a corporate golf day, for some relaxed networking with your clients and associates? our corporate golf promotional products range helps you wow your clients with an executive golf umbrella such as our best selling Fibrestorm auto. For smaller budgets, you may want to consider the ever-popular branded golf packs.

If you are challenged with reaching your corporate clients directly, we have a corporate merchandise box delivered straight to your client's door.

If your business sector is looking for financial branded merchandise gifts, our premium range of promotional products for business has an extensive selection of high-quality promotional gifts.

Why invest in promotional pens?

When it comes to custom printed promotional products, the branded pen remains one of the top 3 best selling promotional items. With a promotional pen available for all budgets and built from multiple materials, it's easy to find a pen that works for your brand. Advertising gifts are sometimes needed in volume, to hand out to as many people as possible to create brand awareness and provide contact details. Often including in a branded conference folder is a printed pen, once the event if over, your delegate will take both away from the venue and continue to view your promotional message with every use. Our team have been asked do promotional pens work?, absolutely they sit on your client's desk, in the car, or in their bag for at least 6 months.

Branded metal pens are well received by all. Our best selling promotional metal pens include the Bowie softy pen due to the affordable cost and numerous colours available, for the perfect brand match.

Looking for a branded gift pen?, we have the executive metal gift pens covered, with ranges such as Parker Pens and the premium metal ball brand Waterman, including the graduate metal rollerball pen. 

Eco friendly pens are abundant in 2020, and we expect the range of sustainable promotional pens to increase in 2021. The Bamboo pens selection of sustainable merchandise has evolved to the ever-popular curvy pen shape and they look stunning when engraved with your logo or brand details.

What is the benefit of using promotional bags?

Promotional bags with logo are a practical branded gift for all. With a move away from single-use waste in promotional merchandise gifting, an advertising bag works well for multiple uses.

Promotional shopper bags and branded re-usable shopper bags are used by high street. retailers and charity fundraisers. Cheap printed bags are widely used by marketing teams at events and exhibitions as they provide a route to hand out print collateral on volume to multiple delegates and advertise the company logo simultaneously to a huge audience of visiting guests. Promotional giveaways that are both practical and useful to the user will ensure multiple uses. Quality branded jute bags are embraced by shop managers as an effective re-seller option, to retail to their shop visitors and generate additional revenues.

If your business operates in the fine food or delicatessen are a promotional canvas back with a gusset and strong handle can be gifted to your customers, enabling your logo to be advertised broadly to a huge audience with every use around the local community, this may lead to increased shop visitors, purchasing your goods.

Top Promotional product ideas suitable for Corporate Gifting

Using merchandising products as part of your marketing strategy is likely to provide increased results on engagement and brand awareness if your branded merchandise is matched to your buyer audience's likes and lifestyles. The Branded Company has extensive experience in supporting many industries and sectors of business with the best matched promotional products suited to their needs.

Corporate gifts for the Finance and Consultancy sector

Executive gifts are perfect for your finance audience. Luxury items such as branded technology and our full Swiss Peak promotional range will be thoroughly appreciated by the busy executive.

Executives love Branded technology

Promotional gadgets and practical promotional tech are designed for people on the go! our promotional power banks are representative of current promotional product trends. With a broad collection of styles and power for all budgets, gift a branded power bank for the tech lover. Huge increases in branded wireless charger ranges see the introduction of eco friendly promotional technology options such as the Cirkal. Let's not forget the ever-handy promotional USB Flash drive, for the desk working executive, we recommend you look at a memory size of 4GB.

Branded Travel Mugs for busy people

Corporate travel mugs such as the stainless steel travel mug will enable your logo to travel around offices with every use. With a large branded area, take advantage of the space with both a logo and contact details. When it comes to business merchandise the promotional travel mug range is vast, including eco friendly travel mug options such as the bamboo travel mug.

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