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Our top branded merchandise ideas for summer promotions 

With summer just around the corner, there are some fantastic, branded products and promotional merchandise ideas to consider. As summer events are being booked with bars and restaurants reopening then it is the perfect time to start thinking about your summer branded merchandise. From printed flags to printed beach balls, summer is a time for the great outdoors, having fun and enjoying life, branded products certainly come into their own at this time of year, and certainly this year (2021 )more than ever! Charity summer fundraising promotional merchandise goes hand in hand and there are some superb products available too. Whether it is printed paper flags, custom branded hand clappers, foam hands or printed sun hats, custom branded summer giveaways offer an enormous range of colourful and fun products designed to grab attention and advertise your message, whilst raising the all-important funds whilst doing so. For keeping cool, the possibilities are endless, why not try a printed can cooler, custom printed fans like the hand fan Kronix made from bamboo or the custom printed mini fan, battery-operated, fun, compact and a lifesaver when in the sun all day! As bars and pub gardens reopen and people congregate in the heat there are some smart promotional merchandise ideas to ensure your brand is not only seen but widely used. Why not try a pocket-size 30ml sunscreen lotion, custom printed sunglasses or even a branded umbrella such as the Nukel, a sure way to keep your customers cool, happy and around for longer, happy days!

Looking to re-sell branded merchandise for a profit in your shop, think about these branded items:

With more summer events taking place, people are soon to flock to festivals, beaches, towns and city parks. This is a crucial time to ensure your shop is well stocked with summer branded merchandise. Whether it is printed cooler bags, custom printed sunglasses, branded beach balls or company hand fans, these products are gold dust in the summer months and a great way to make a profit, whether you are a charity or a business. Sporting events are also springing back into action and what better time is there to invest in your promotional merchandise than now. Hand clappers can holders and sun visors are the ideal way to enjoy any outdoor sporting event. They also offer the ultimate opportunity to promote and advertise your company to a large audience and to sell more great summer products to the eagerly awaiting crowds. 

How summer branded merchandise is great for social media engagement and selfies

Summer, for many, is the most favoured time of the year, a time to unwind, relax and party! There are so many fantastic products available, many are ideal for social media campaigns, fundraising and engagement events, especially where there are large gatherings with cameras at the ready to capture your promotional merchandise. Printed sunglasses, custom branded baseball caps and beach balls are not only fun, unique and interactive but they offer generous branding areas, where your logo will be seen by thousands or even millions on many social media platforms that dominate our digital world. A selfie snap posted on the internet, with someone wearing a custom printed t-shirt, branded cap or holding a company printed water bottle with your logo is an invaluable opportunity to promote and advertise your brand, in a low-cost way and to an unlimited and highly influential and prospective audience.


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