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Promotional Executive Pens Are The Ultimate Corporate Branded Gift. 

The power of a promotional pen should never be overlooked, especially premium metal pens that are being distributed as a corporate gift for clients or employees. Whether you are welcoming new staff, saying goodbye to an employee who is retiring or showing recognition to your loyal clients, corporate gifting is a great marketing tactic and metal pens are the perfect promotional product to support it. They are a product of actual use which is always important if you want to create merchandise that is effective and has a long lifespan. There is also a prestige attached to branded premium pens, such as printed Parker pens and Waterman ranges, which will make your clients or employees feel even more appreciated and valuable. This can have a number of positive consequences from increasing staff retention rates and productivity to helping establish stronger and longer-lasting client relationships. You can even package your metal pens with other custom-printed products, such as premium branded notebooks and custom printed gift bags, for a complete business gift that can be handed out by the sales team when visiting or onboarding new clients. 

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Promotional pens printed with your logo will advertise your brand constantly

A metal pen is simple yet effective as a marketing tool, especially in a corporate setting. It is an item that will be used in the office, around work colleagues and visitors, which serves as an advertisement for your brand each and every time. Even the most subtle of branding will be easily noticeable on a pen given the way it is seen and used by people - especially as engraved metal pens have an esteem that make people pay more attention to them. It is also easy for pens to fall into another person’s hand and can often end up being passed around which only further helps build visibility for your business as it continues to be seen by more and more people on its travels. Furthermore, depending on how often the metal pen is used, it can last years with a quality infill which gives it a decent lifespan making it a worthwhile investment. 

Learn more about how we can brand your premium printed pens

When it comes to branding your premium promotional pen, there are two methods that can be used for the most high-quality finish. For a more luxurious and prestigious metal pen with a higher perceived value, laser engraving is the better option but the capabilities are dependent on the shape of the pen. You can either laser engrave to the side of the pen clip and, on some, you can engrave onto the actual clip or the barrel. If you want a more cost-effective option, then screen printing works really well and can look particularly good on black metal pens with white monochrome styles and designs. This can also be applied to the barrel side of the clip and, if gift boxes are included as part of the product, to the lid of the boxes. 

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