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Promotional reflectors with your logo

Fantastic for fitness promotions and cycling clubs, plus school safety merchandise.

What Types Of Audience Will Appreciate A Printed Reflector

Most businesses that invest in promotional giveaways look for practical and functional company merchandise that is relevant and affordable to their target audience, and items like printed reflectors are a great example! Cycling sales and manufacturing, education, scouts, sports, activity centres and gift shops are just some of the many businesses and sectors that use safety promotional products for giveaways, event merchandise and retail. Keeping safe during the winter months is paramount, and there's no better way to be highly visible than investing in winter promotional products such as custom reflectors; they are versatile, low-cost merchandise and can save lives! Whether it's a logo clip-on reflector, printed snap band, promotional reflector keyrings, printed reflective bag, or custom printed armbands. There is an option to suit all budgets and purposes.


Our Advice On The Right Promotional Reflectors For Running Clubs

Sports and running clubs keep on going through the winter, and to ensure safety to their members, logo reflectors are an obvious choice by many, with popular options that are always widely sought after, especially in the darker winter months. The Armband with Reflective Stripes is a classic example of one of the best-selling high-visibility items many running clubs seek, perfect for early mornings and late-night training. Another ideal promotional item for running clubs that want to keep their team safe whilst promoting their brand is the LABYR—reflective light. This classic style and versatile light will ensure safety during the darker months and is perfect for running, cycling and winter hiking. Made with ABS and PVC materials, it comes with 2 CR2016 batteries, ready to go when you are!

Learn How Logo Reflectors Make Fantastic School Promotional Items

Educational, promotional merchandise is often broad and diverse; it is relevant and practical but functional, aligned with many safety-focused attributes, and branded reflectors are among the most widely sought-after. Reflectors come in all shapes and sizes and are ideal for children's promotional products as they can be attached to school bags, bikes, scooters, and clothing - perfect for dark mornings and afternoons and during school activities such as cross-country runs, walks and cycling proficiency. The popular and appealing Teddy Hard Reflective Keyrings are great for younger years' school merchandise products. The reflective bears come in five bright and distinctive colours, ideal for attaching to bags and clothing and will ensure the little ones are visible in the wintertime. Similarly, the printed Reflective Stripe Drawstring Bag offers improved visibility; the 210D drawstring bag has a silver reflective stripe on the bottom, an excellent safety feature, making it an ideal option for the younger market or sports enthusiasts.

A vast array of attractive and appealing logo reflectors are available to cover all age groups, from infants and primary ages to universities. Whether that's a reflective bag, armband, or other reflective cycling promotional products, it also helps to advertise, promote, and raise awareness about your brand whilst creating a crucial and impactful message; they are also affordable and will be visible to an immeasurable number of people daily.

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