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Did you know we can create your promotional car air fresheners in a fully custom shape?

What makes printed car air fresheners so popular but at the same time unique, is that they can be made fully bespoke, to any design, shape and style. They can be themed with other branded merchandise for specific industries or events, for example, houses, cars, stars and animal shapes. The other feature of air fresheners is that can be printed full colour to both sides along with the card header, offering a stunning concept, ready to use and to freshen up your journey home. With a huge variety of fragrances, you can pick the smell that best represents your brand, you can view a fragrance list here.

What are your options to consider with our different types of printed air fresheners?

When selecting air fresheners for your company branded merchandise there are some attractive options and features to consider, all offering varying benefits, that will make the most eye-catching of all branded products. The classic printed Car Air Freshener is of superb value, they offer an array of fragrances along with the usual bespoke shape options and printed safety bag. Our custom branded car air freshener with Membrane is an impressive product, it contains membrane slow fragrance release features which offer greater longevity and more for your money. The Auto-Scent Deluxe is a premium option, a unique design that is refillable and offers a slow-release feature item that of the membrane style. Promotional car air fresheners are excellent promotional products that can offer great value for a fully bespoke product, perfect when advertising your brand and when gifting your clients and prospects alike.  Did you know we now have a eco friendly printed car air freshener option you can view it here.

7 Reasons why branded car air fresheners are so effective at marketing your brand.

1. One of the great characteristics of branded car air fresheners is their versatility, printed air fresheners are useful branded merchandise and can appeal to a diverse range of industries. 

2. If you are looking for low-cost giveaways, then promotional car air fresheners are simply superb. They are perfect promotional gifts due to their affordability, a great match for car dealerships, low-cost branded merchandise for charities to resell and ideal promotional gifts to give out at events and exhibitions. 

3. You can fully bespoke promotional car air fresheners, to almost any shape and design required. This allows you to create a unique and bespoke product, stunning company branded merchandise to give away to clients. 

4. Another great feature of custom car air fresheners is that they are compact and lightweight, perfect for mailing and to give out in volume at events. 

5. There is a vast array of tempting fragrances to choose from for your personalised air fresheners, from the classic new car scent through to a range of fruit and exotic flavours. There are custom printed car air fresheners to suit everyone, no matter what your taste. 

6. As branded car air fresheners are flat it means they can be easy to store and perfect in transit. Tightly packed together and sealed in a protective PP bag gives peace of mind that on the arrival the quality will be impeccable. 

7. If you are looking to re-sell through retail your custom branded car air fresheners can look stunning on a car header, offering additional branding area for your company logo details. The card headers can work brilliantly for general branded merchandise too, at car shows and events. 

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