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Reasons why promotional fridge magnets are versatile to any marketing campaign

There are many reasons why promotional magnets are great for business branded merchandise; what makes printed fridge magnets so versatile is the ability to adapt to various campaigns. Like other promotional merchandise, printed products such as fridge magnets; are suitable for a wide variety of purposes. Great for charity merchandise, retail branded products, and direct mail campaigns. Most custom fridge magnets are perfect for mailing; they are lightweight and flat, allowing them to fit into any shape or size mailer; that is why they are the best cheap merchandise for the job! Not only are promotional fridge magnets low cost, making them ideal for high volume purchasing, but the flexible PVC magnet style can be bespoke made to your desired shape, size and colour. It is a unique feature that fridge magnet printing can offer, a tailor-made product; cut to shape, making ideal promotional merchandise for any marketing campaign; whilst delivering a low budget but highly valued item. Custom fridge magnets are one of the most recognised and sought after printed products within branded merchandise and retail. Choosing custom promotional magnets offers a low-cost opportunity to reach a broad demographic. Whether through using them at events to promote and advertise your business, targeted through direct mail to a niche audience or a blanket mailer campaign to the public, their presence and relevance provide a simple but effective objective, one that is functional, advertises and retains longevity. 

Which Industries benefit the most when investing in printed fridge magnets

A wide range of industry sectors use branded merchandise such as printed fridge magnets to promote, fundraise and sell through retail channels. These can range from low-cost PVC merchandise magnets ; to the more premium custom metal fridge magnets, which could be suited to retail and corporate gifting. Investing in promotional magnets will offer multiple benefits; for example, a charity may purchase high volumes to sell online or use them to give away as part of a reciprocal donation at a fundraising event through membership and sponsorship packs. The public sector uses custom fridge magnets in a variety of ways; one way is to share valuable information with the public. The printed magnetic memo board is every popular. It could be a message to educate people on fire safety within the home or details focusing on the older population; about heating their homes during the winter months. Also, fridge magnet printing is an effective way to share telephone numbers for public sector services. They can be attached to fridges across many homes, so people can access vital information when they need it. The education sector also uses promotional fridge magnets, similarly to how the public sector us them, to promote and deliver community messages. Universities benefit from fridge magnets in several diverse ways, from advertising business and services via freshers' fairs and other student events. Due to the versatility of fridge magnets; in price, size, weight, and adaptability, they are ideal for volume giveaways. They are simple to store, effortless to manage and possess a long shelf life, making them the perfect giveaway to all industry sectors.

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