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Custom Promotional Stationary 

Why Invest In Your Own Company Printed Stationery?

Branded promotional items have many benefits for your business and, in particular, company printed stationery is a great investment that has many uses and provides many opportunities.

From promotional notebooks to custom promotional pens, displaying your company name, logo and other internal messaging on practical stationery items is a great look for your business.

It works well as a corporate gift for both employees and potential clients.

When onboarding new employees you can gift them branded stationery as a way of helping them feel part of the business from day one which can be hugely motivating. This will also mean that all of your workers have matching company printed stationery making your office look cohesive and professional, all whilst leaving a strong impression on visitors. As for your prospects, branded stationery can be gifted to them at client meetings not only providing them with useful items for the office but also serving as a constant reminder of your business long after you depart. Promotional stationery can also be used to reach a wider audience by distributing it at events or trade shows to advertise your brand, or offering it as a promotional giveaway prize.


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There are so many products to choose from when it comes to printed office stationery so our best sellers are a great place to start if you’re not sure what will work for your business…

Custom Printed Desk Pads

Promotional desk pads are growing in popularity as an alternative to notepads thanks to their effectiveness when it comes to organising your day and your workspace. 

They are available in sizes from A6 to A4 and have the option of plain pads, lined or full colour prints with our large printed A3 desk pad being perfect for printing a calendar whilst also leaving room for a notes section. 

The sheer multitude of options enables you to create a custom desk pad that works for your target audience.

Promotional Coasters and Mouse Mats

Custom desk items and accessories are useful for a wide range of audiences, especially those that work in an office, and our promotional coasters and custom printed mouse mats are a perfect example of this.

We offer eco-friendly options as well as foam backed and even ergonomic, all of which can be included as part of a desk pack for onboarding employees or showing appreciation to your loyal and long-standing clients.

They are also easy to transport, even at large volumes, thanks to being lightweight and flexible.

Printed Promotional Pens

An affordable and always popular option for promotional merchandise, custom printed pens are a brilliant way to spread your company message.

You have a range of colour options so that you can find the one that matches your brand as well as eco friendly promotional pens, such as bamboo, and even multiple branding methods from printing to engrave.  

They are a simple yet impactful gift to offer to clients at meetings or attendees at events being an item that everyone can use across all sectors


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