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Looking for promotional seeds with logo?

Learn how promotional seeds with your logo will help create brand fans

Promotional seeds are the perfect choice when looking for something a little more unusual for your branded merchandise. There are so many attractive benefits to investing in branded seeds. Not only are custom seeds fantastic for low-cost giveaways, but they also fall within the eco friendly promotional products category, giving printed seeds even greater appeal. They are also in-trend with other sustainable and eco merchandise, perfect for high volume promotional giveaways, marketing campaigns and direct mail-outs. One of the most popular features of promotional seeds, from a branding perspective, is the packaging. There is a generous print area on promotional seed packets, allowing up to a full colour, all-over print, which is fantastic for when you have a lot of information you want to share. Another appealing attribute to printed seeds is the extensive range they come in, custom seeds to suit all tastes, ensuring you deliver the most relevant promotional plants to your clients every time. 

Promotional Seed Paper:

The great thing about eco friendly merchandise is that it's continually inventing innovative and impressive products, ideal for everyday use. Items such as printed seed paper make incredible alternatives to standard paper products. As branded seeds are eco friendly promotional items, they are very on-trend in the current merchandise market, with mass appeal to all industry types. The Grass Seed Paper Memo Set is a superb example of how a standard paper product has evolved into an attractive promotional seeds item. 

Promotional Seed Pouches:

There is an abundance of unique and unusual printed seeds to choose from; a popular choice is the Sober Grow Pouch. These promotional seeds are ideal for giving away at events, client gifts, or branded and sold through retail. With the added benefit of a fantastic branding area and eco-friendly promotional items, these promotional seed packets are a perfect choice, applicable to a broad audience and industry sector. 

Grow Your Own Plant Pot:

When you are looking to raise your brand awareness, there are simply no limits to making the right impression, especially regarding eco friendly promotional products. The Merin Flowerpot is an eye-catching eco-product that will undoubtedly get you noticed by your clients and prospects alike. This unusual but attractive gift kit comes with peppermint and a nature line pot, growing substrate, presented in a charming wooden box. These tempting little gems are perfect for corporate gifts, charity retail and gift shops, where they offer a high perceived value and ultimately a good ROI. 

Promotional seeds will generate revenue in your gift shop; learn more.

Seed packs are sought after retail items applicable to a broad demographic, delivering low cost and attractive gifts every time. Promotional seeds have a long shelf life; they are easy to store and incredibly lightweight, making them great retail items. They work well when strategically displayed by other befitting products such as gardening equipment, flower pots and vases. Still, they can also work well on any check-out counters, where impulsive buying, especially for low-cost items, is commonplace. 


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