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Why are we such huge fans of soft touch printed notebooks?

Across all branded merchandise, printed notebooks are the most in-demand and promotional soft touch notebooks are the most favoured of all company merchandise. There are many reasons why printed soft touch notebooks are still the most popular merchandise. Their extensive array of colours, sizes, and affordability make them the go-to product for all occasions. Soft feel logo merchandise offers a unique and unrivalled finish. It produces superior quality results, and this is no exception when it comes to merchandise notebooks. The great thing about soft feel notebooks printed is their broad appeal, covering a limitless demographic and range of industry sectors. Soft feel promotional notebooks are ideal for corporate and even executive gifting. They can be supplied with a pen, offering even higher perceived value than the standard promotional card covered notebooks, making them the perfect gift. The popularity of promotional soft feel notebooks has increased exponentially in a relatively short period. This range of logo notebooks is applicable for various reasons, including gifting, volume buying, promotional event giveaways and retail. They are also perfect for general and day to day office use - ideal company merchandise and the most revered branded merchandise on the market today. Aside from their extensive colour-ways, another attractive feature of soft feel printed notebooks is their multiple branding methods. Most custom soft touch notebooks can allow for print and embossing; this delivers an even more appealing product that remains low cost and offers fantastic value printed notebooks, logo merchandise with a premium perception. Like with all promotional merchandise, there are higher-end soft feel custom notebooks options and more budget printed notebooks, such as the Moleskine and the Mole and Mole Mate notebook options. The Moleskine are the perfect promotional executive gift and retail logo notebooks, whereas the Mole and Mole Mates are the premium of promotional notebooks for event giveaways and low-cost gifting

Promotional soft touch notebooks offer more flexibility to your branding.

There are many great ways to brand your notebook with logo; there is an option to suit all artwork, preferences and budgets - and quite often, it's just down to personal taste. Most people like their custom notebooks to be screen printed; this is a low cost and arguably delivers the best results. A digital print is best if your artwork is complex due to fine detail, graduated colours, and even multicolour. Digitally printed logo notebooks will undoubtedly stand out; it offers bold and bright colours printed throughout the cover section. For corporate and executive gifting, embossing is a favoured choice for branding. Embossing produces a unique impression in the cover material, subtle and aesthetically attractive; it also carries a higher perceived value, the ideal choice when you want to impress your most valued clients. 

Branded soft feel notebooks make fantastic company gifts, and here's why

There are many reasons why soft feel notebooks are the most sought-after branded merchandise and are still growing in popularity. Aside from their vast array of attractive and alluring colour and size options, they possess an unrivalled branding area compared to many other promotional products. They are also available with a choice of paper, from plain lined and squared, making them ideal for so many purposes. Soft feel notebooks are like business cards; they are used daily, on the desktop, at home or whilst out on the road, continually displaying your business details for all to see. Events and exhibitions are priceless merchandise for attracting attention to your stand, with an array of colours. They can be strategically displayed to entice and engage with your visitors, prospective customers, and existing clients alike. Custom printed soft feel notebooks are also easy to store and make ideal merchandise to mail out, ideal branded gifts for staff and clients working from or for a direct marketing campaign, where combined with a branded pen, they will grab the attention of anyone lucky enough to receive them!

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