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Learn how company printed phone stands can help to advertise your brand

Promotional merchandise for desks are a great way for businesses and brands to tap into a specific audience. It is a category of branded merchandise that appeals mainly to executive office workers and young professionals, and printed phone stands are one type of product that can have the most impact on this demographic. Custom mobile phone stands are highly effective as a marketing tool because they serve as a lasting message that will sit on the recipients desk every day. This means that they will constantly be reminded of your brand which will also be visible to all those that pass by their desk. Additionally, custom mobile desk stands are a very practical product that will have use for years to come which is a key feature for a successful piece of merchandise. When a brand provides people with a promotional product that they can implement into their day to day lives, it will leave a positive impression on the user which could make them more inclined to support your business.

Our advice on picking the ideal branded mobile phone stand for your budget and audience

There are also a number of options when creating a promotional phone stand which enables you to make a product that is unique and even more impactful. You could consider printed phone stands with charging options, or eco-friendly phone stands made from bamboo.

How to utilise promotional phone stands for your marketing

A great way to add promotional phone stands to your marketing strategy is by including them as part of a promotional stationery pack. As a single item, they are useful and engaging but when part of a wider collection of promotional merchandise they stand out even more.

Printed phone stands are also perfect for internal branded gifts for your employees, or as a corporate gift for clients. 

Fortunately, they are easy enough to distribute however you choose to utilise them. They can be added to printed gift bags or sold at events and exhibitions, and some varieties can even be packed flat for direct mail campaigns.

What is the main difference between printed phone grips and custom phone stands?

Though the two products are similar in that they are an accessory for your mobile phone, there is a clear distinction to be made between printed phone grips and custom phone stands. A custom phone grip is a product that is attached to the back of the phone and primarily used to help you keep the phone secure whilst holding it. This can be extremely helpful when making calls or taking photos.  It can also be used to stand the phone up but this isn’t always the most effective way to do so.  A branded phone stand is built to sit on a flat surface, such as a desk, and hold your phone up so that it is clearly visible to you when you are unable to keep it in your hand. This is ideal for watching videos or keeping an eye on messages whilst you are carrying out other tasks at your desk. 

Want to have fun with your promotional marketing gifts?

A standard custom phone stand is great but you can make something even more unique that will help leave a bigger impression with some of our more exciting phone stand options, such as our Deck Chair Shaped Phone Stand and our Promotional Bean Bag Phone Stand.

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