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Need some promotional led torch lights

Promotional printed torches make an excellent merchandise gift for brands on a budget.

One of the most popular branded products available for promotional giveaways and retail is branded torch keyrings. Novelty merchandise for schools and gift shops is widely sought after and continually in demand. Promotional torch keyrings are the ideal merchandise that is low cost but offers a good ROI, benefitting from a higher perceived value, primarily when sold for a profit. Another appealing attribute to printed LED torches is that they are available in various colours and styles, making them attractive retail gifts and tempting promotional giveaways for events.


Printed promotional LED torches are loved by fundraisers

Charities regularly invest in promotional merchandise, and custom keyrings such as promotional LED torches are one of the most versatile products available. For charity merchandise to be of the utmost appeal, it must be low cost, functional, interactive and relevant - and the classic printed torch keyring does just that! Torches are the perfect fundraising promotional giveaways to make a statement whilst raising awareness. They also offer great charity retail gifts, cheap printed keyrings with a torch that provide a good ROI, and unrivalled branded products in terms of style, colour range and budget. 

Suppose you look for a more executive feel from your torch keyring with logo. In that case, company keyrings such as aluminium torch keyrings are ideal and look great printed or even more impressive when engraved. For the outdoor executive or travelling salesperson, additional features such as bottle and can openers, solar power, and carabiners offer an unusual but tempting twist compared to other promotional torch keyrings and standard branded products. 

Practical and functional branded products are, without a doubt, the most in-demand and promotional torch keyrings combined with items such as in-car kit gift sets offer a handy addition. The auto industry is another sector that also invests in a vast range of promotional merchandise to promote and advertise and gift its new owners. Items such as branded torch keyrings can easily be added to car kits containing other merchandise like ice scrapers, air fresheners, USB chargers and travel mugs, to name but a few! 

Torches are synonymous with the great outdoors, from camping, scout trips, and charity midnight walks. Being low cost, they also make the perfect freebie, ideal for giving away with a purchase or booking, and great for campers and travellers arriving at a campsite as a welcome gift. There is an expansive selection of cheap LED promotional keyrings; all look great when printed with logos and details. It is an excellent way to advertise your brand whilst pleasing your customers simultaneously - a small token gift that will make a lasting impression! 

Bespoke and custom keyrings have always been a brilliant way to make your mark; it's an opportunity to make a statement with exclusive and unusual products that you won't find anywhere else. Investing in promotional torch keyrings for corporate giveaways and direct mail campaigns to enhance your profile and brand awareness will undoubtedly get you noticed. There are few restrictions to the shapes you can choose; shaped promotional torch keyrings, cleverly shaped to fit any theme or event, from thumb shapes, bikes, lightbulbs, and hard hats - to name a few! 

Please speak to the Branded Company team about our promotional torch keyring options.

Our friendly team are always on hand to discuss the extensive range of promotional torch keyrings we offer. They will happily advise and share their knowledge and experience on all the relevant, trending and most cost-effective products and offer ideas on what items will work best for your events and, more importantly, your budget! 


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