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Why Invest In Merchandise For Stadium Events?

When hosting a stadium event, whether it’s for a music concert or sports event, you should seriously consider the benefits of investing in merchandise. 

Promotional products, such as printed wristbands and branded sports bottles, are expected, even welcomed, at these types of events and provide you with a great opportunity to build brand awareness, increase revenue and boost ticket sales. 

As for merchandise distribution, you have the option to either sell your promotional merchandise at the stadium event, or give it away as a freebie. 

If you choose the latter then you can use this as a marketing method for the event. When you advertise that there will be free gifts at the event, you will entice more people to come and create an even better overall experience for the attendees. You can even argue that it increases the value of the event itself. 

Why not sell merchandise in the stadium for profit

Whereas, selling the merchandise opens up an additional stream of revenue that can help to fund the event. It remains a highly effective practice as people often seek out merchandise that they can buy and take back home when they go to an event so that they can keep it as a souvenir. 

In either case, whether being sold or gifted, promotional merchandise helps build brand awareness. You can display your logo on a printed paper waving flag or your tagline on a promotional cheering stick for it to be seen by all those who encounter the product long after the event is over.

It also provides co-sponsors with the opportunity to pay for the privilege of promoting their brand in volume giveaways.

Consider branded apparel for your stadium merchandise

One of the most popular pieces of merchandise for stadium events, especially those related to music or sports, is branded apparel.

Custom-printed t-shirts or branded caps, promotional bucket hats and printed sunglasses are all brilliant marketing tools and people are willing to pay a premium for good quality items like these as a piece of memorabilia. 

They are easy enough to create and, unlike many other promotional products, they are likely to be used and worn for years after the event. This means that they will garner thousands of impressions over time making them a good investment for any brand.

Have you considered raising sponsors for stadium merchandise exposure?

Stadium merchandise also presents you with the opportunity to raise sponsors for the event who would be willing to pay to have their logo printed on cups, hand clappers, flags and cheering sticks. 

Each product offers its own unique benefits, from large print areas to longevity, but they all give sponsors the chance to boost their visibility and increase exposure by being seen on TV or social media. 

By offering this service you can build strong relationships in the industry and increase revenue from the event all whilst providing your attendees with an exciting range of promotional merchandise. 

Therefore, investing in merchandise for your stadium event has many benefits and presents you with many opportunities that make it an undeniably smart business choice.


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