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Eco Friendly Promotional Bags are Here!

5 reasons to include promotional eco friendly tote bags at your next event

Over a relatively short period, the shopper styles and branded tote bags have accelerated in popularity. With more focus on the environment, it has propelled an emphasis on using cheap eco friendly bags; to gradually eliminate single-use plastic branded bags, not only in retail but for promotional giveaways also. An event wouldn't be the same without a bag, here's why.

1. A bag is a great way to keep everything in one place. At an event, you can collect a range of literature and branded products to take away. The choice of eco friendly tote bags uk has increased exponentially over the years, offering a sustainable solution for event merchandise. The Snowdown Eco Premium Cotton Tote Shopper, made from natural cotton, is a best seller and is ideal for any event. 

2. Like any standard printed bag, the eco shopper also possesses a large branding area and to both sides. Not only can you transport your promotional goods around safely, but the logo and business details will also be visible for others to see, simple but effective advertising. Still remaining a leading promotional product must have for any event.

3. As eco friendly printed bags uk become more in demand, it enables even more affordability. Many branded products available today are eco-friendly alternatives or have a sustainable alternative - this is the same for promotional bags. Organic cotton and RPET are both commonly used in today's bag production. There are custom recycled bags like Pheebs recycled cotton tote bags, cleverly made from factory textile waste.

4. Choosing eco branded merchandise uk for your promotional giveaways is a way to enhance and elevate your brand's reputation. A perfect opportunity to engage with your audience, to make a statement; that you invested in sustainable branded products, including printed recycled bags, being proactive in making the world a better place. Deciding to invest in eco friendly bags for your company merchandise provides a unique opportunity for exposure to your business, an excellent ice breaker at any trade event.

5. Due to more branded merchandise uk being sustainable, it allows for greater use of cheap eco friendly bags. Recycled branded bags are the most sought after; many promotional merchandise companies will agree. Recycled and eco friendly bags are perfect for domestic use, such as after a business event. They are ideal for shopping, easy to fold into other bags and pockets and store well. The more we invest in eco friendly tote bags uk means fewer plastic bags are used, which will keep our oceans cleans and wildlife safe. 

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How printed bags will propel your brand awareness

The great thing about promotional bags is their mass appeal. They are practical, affordable and offer an unrivalled branding area, which not only advertises your brand, it shouts it out! All industry sectors use them, ideal charity merchandise to use for fundraising events, but also for reselling to raise crucial revenue. Retail such as those in high street stores, supermarkets, whether it's physical or online, use recycled and eco friendly bags to sell for profit. Not only is this an excellent way to make a good margin but one that will continue to promote and advertise the brand to a diverse audience. Branded bags are synonymous with events, there are always promotional goods on offer to take away, and a printed bag offers an affordable solution. When promoting your brand and business services, you can also publicise your environmental awareness. There is an abundance of other eco friendly merchandise such as printed bamboo pens, promotional bamboo coffee cups and recycled promotional notebooks, to name a few. You will certainly draw in the attention you deserve, become a memorable company with high standards and one who others will want to engage in business, by including promotional eco friendly tote bags in your next marketing campaign.

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