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What are the best promotional items to give away?

The greatest thing about promotional products is that there are so many exciting, tempting and useful branded options to consider, there is simply a limitless amount of unique printed products to ensure you grab the attention of any client or prospect.

Promotional items such as custom mugs, printed pens and branded notepads have long been the go- to giveaways, they are classic promotional products that have withstood the test of time and ones that are still very much favoured today.

Many industries use branded merchandise in different ways to promote and advertise their services, the best options are always the ones that can fuel and create a powerful and positive impact, but which are affordable and easy to use. Event giveaways such as printed sticky notes, branded sweets, printed tote bags and branded desk pads are invaluable, they are lightweight, low cost and practical, guaranteed to leave a lasting impression, especially the promotional confectionary, which is always a clear favourite at any exhibition, and the first that will need replenishing!

Promotional Merchandise is proven to advertise your brand message

Whether it is off the shelf or bespoke, promotional products are designed to offer you the opportunity to advertise your brand to a wide and targeted audience, the best and most sought-after products are those that not only offer practicality but that are fun, engaging and interactive.

Printed Stress balls, custom keyrings and branded technology from custom power banks to printed promotional USBs have a unique way of captivating their user, offering a playful product that can provide a positive sense of wellbeing whilst promoting your business is incalculable.

Everyday items make the best promotional items too, items we do not always think twice about, promotional shopping bags, advertising pens, custom printed water bottles and company printed umbrellas, we have them at home as well as at work. These are all items we ordinarily use daily and that are in constant use, perfect for branding your message, clever and at times subliminal, that is the art of promotional merchandise. And here at the Branded Company our team are experts at branded products uk.

What's trending in 2024 in promotional products

2021 has certainly been an interesting year so far, with so many new products available as well as the continuation of branded PPE items and the very much sought after, Eco-friendly giveaways range, there is plenty to choose from. Whilst printed face masks and promotional hand sanitisers are still leading the way for much of the branded merchandise that is required, promotional products are slowly emerging as we carefully tiptoe to a future of no restrictions, where events can again flourish and people can congregate in confidence.

A huge focus on Eco Friendly Merchandise alternatives

There is a real focus on sustainability, products produced from bamboo, wheat straw and natural wood are becoming even more popular, along with custom reusable desk bottles and printed bags for life such as a branded jute bag and natural cotton shopper. There is a considered emphasis on the accessibility of more eco-friendly promotional products, positively steering away from single-use plastics and replacing them with fantastic alternatives such as biodegradable options, recycled and reusable branded giveaways. Promotional Water bottles such as the 500ml Baseline and the popular branded metal bottle the Ashford offer low cost but superb quality and sustainable promo bottles, not only are they reusable but they are attractive too, perfect giveaways or corporate gifts. We are huge fans of the new collection of eco promo as a new solution to alternative branded promotional items made from plastics.

Quality executive branded pens

Branded pens will always be the most favoured of all promotional products and the Electra metal ballpen range offers an extensive collection that is impressive but affordable. For the more premium and higher-end executive pens, AT Cross, custom branded Parker and Waterman ranges remain flawless, the epitome of class and sophistication, products that will inspire the most discernible of clients. Company branded merchandise needs to reflect the quality of your business.

Which companies use the most company branded merchandise

With so many diverse and multifaceted industries spread across the UK, from start-ups to Blue Chips and all in between, means marketing has never been so integral, which applies to on as well as offline! Sectors such as education, charities and finance not only use promotional merchandise as clever advertising tools but to generate further income, using digital marketing resources to promote and resell products for a profit. Technology companies are always keen to promote their services using the latest gadgets and gizmos, so branded power banks, custom Bluetooth speakers and printed virtual reality products are popular choices that offer the latest in technology and ones that are highly relevant and interactive, perfect for targeting a specific audience of interest. We have a huge range of promotional technology gifts to inspire, you can take a look here

Merchandise is still popular to engage a younger audience

The education sector and especially universities are extremely varied, with a myriad of departments and multifunction’s, they widely use branded merchandise in all activities. You can view our merchandise ideas for students here. From freshers’ fairs, online retail, business schools and sporting events, branded promotional items are crucial to the continuation of delivering positive and clear messages to students, staff and the diverse range of stakeholders and business sponsors.

Which recommended promotional products are great for schools and universities

There is a tempting and vast array of useful, practical and fun products for schools and universities to engage with, many works well for promotional purposes as well for retail. The classic and more general items being printed plastic pens, branded pencil cases, printed backpacks, branded sports bottles, through to select gifts such as printed notebooks,Printed USB Flashdrives, custom power banks and branded clothing.

Printed drawstring bags are one of the most in-demand, lightweight, low-cost merchandise items, they possess an alluring spectrum of stock colours to choose from, with the all-important generous print area.

Promotional Sports bottles are another popular choice, there are many colours, styles and sizes to consider, many offer a large colour range where it is possible to mix and match the bottle to the lid. 500ml size is the most popular with 750ml also a favourite along with the jogger styles and promotional stainless-steel bottle options being highly regarded. Products such as the promotional A5 Mole Notebooks are are useful education giveaways, ideal for jotting down ideas and planning your day, a handy companion to always have with you.

Popular merchandise for Schools

Printed bookmarks, promotional colouring pencils and printed rulers are super products for schools, used daily and for a range of tasks, low cost and effective items to give out or to sell on, all with great branding space making it appealing to promote the school and to create a uniformed sense of inclusion and belonging between its fellow pupils and staff. Technology is as prevalent in schools and universities as it is anywhere else. USBs are vital tools for file sharing and keeping important coursework safe, with a keychain fitment and an extensive choice of styles with interactive features such as torches make these enjoyable gadgets for any student or staff to use at school or leisurely when at home.

How branded products support charities and non-profits

With so many branded products being versatile and able to adapt relatively quickly, it enables a diverse range of industries to utilise the key features and positive attributes that branded merchandise can provide. For charities and non-profit organisations, this is invaluable and wholly crucial for raising funds through marketing and advertising activities. With a large portion of branded products available being within the lower-cost bracket, this allows charities to use products not only for promotional giveaways but for retail also, enabling a good profit margin when reselling to ensure the maximum revenue can be achieved. Items such as printed cotton tote bags, custom keyrings, printed water bottles, custom pin badges and printed clothing are all classic examples of the ideal branded merchandise that will support non-profit organisations and assist them in reaching their important financial targets. Many charities and non-profit organisations will benefit from the attractive price breaks when purchasing in volume, with higher quantities offering even more competitive rates, which in turn will allow for a greater retail margin or simply when you want to reach a wider audience, for example with direct mail marketing activities. Promotional products are a lifeline to many industries when requiring making a physical connection to their target audience, this is particularly imperative to charities. Using company branded merchandise to coincide with various campaigns will instill and deliver a direct message, one that requires attention and action in supporting a good cause. It might be a souvenir, a gift bought online or a donation that offers a small token gesture. Whatever the reason or whatever the cause, branded merchandise is a powerful tool to fuel the engines of the most challenged of industry sectors.

When aiming to market to a professional audience, which company promotional products will create an impact for your brand

With such a rich and diverse spectrum of industries to market to and with many opportunities to promote your business services, there is always an abundance of remarkable products to take advantage of. When looking towards a more professional audience of executives and senior staff then choosing sophisticated, relevant and suitable products is paramount to your long-term success. High end and practical branded products such as custom printed power banks, printed wireless chargers, printed usb flash drives, premium branded pen sets and custom business dairies are all excellent options to consider when wanting to impress upon your most valued clients and awaiting prospects. Creating a genuine impact is key to attaining future business that can be developed further, nurtured and managed professionally. Rewarding your clients with Cross and Waterman pen sets, Swiss Peak branded gifts such as RFID card holders, custom wallets and promotional bags are all superb products to use to create a positive sense of wellbeing. The great thing about using promotional products is that you have complete control over how you choose to be viewed by your clients. It is a unique opportunity to use custom promotional products that reflect the business, your personality and most of all, how you wish to be remembered, to secure future clients whilst growing your reputation. Here at The Branded Company our team are pros are exploring company branded products to suit your budget.

Branded merchandise is great for events and festivals, here are our top 10 promotional products to consider.

Summertime is a great time to unwind, relax and party - and all at the same time! Where better to do this than at a festival, come rain or shine - usually both! Festivals are not for everyone but whatever your preference be sure to consider some fantastic event giveaway best sellers in branded merchandise to make it even more memorable, a priceless way to target a large audience.

1. Printed Antibacterial Hand Wipes, there is no showers or baths! These handy little wipes will keep you clean and fresh, all day long.

2. Printed Hand Sanitiser not only is this one of the fastest-selling items due to Covid-19 it also gives you peace of mind that your hands are clean, before tucking into some festival fodder!

3. Printed Lip Balm Fledar, keep your lips moist and smooth, a great pocket aid to prevent dry, cracked lips.

4. Brite-americano 350ml double walled printed stadium cup, a must-have product for any festival- goer. Robust and lightweight, easy to drink from whilst on the move.

5. Backpack Kenedy, a useful and comfortable mono-strap bag, ideal for valuables whilst manoeuvering around a busy festival site. Promotional bags are always appreciated at festivals!

6. Capri printed Beach Chair, a great chair with a neck pillow for camping out under the stars. This is a guaranteed social media hit too!

7. Branded Beach Shelter, keep cool, dry and refreshed with a simple but effective shelter. Supplied in a pouch for easy transit and storage.

8. Printed COB Light with Carabiner, navigate your way around in the dark with this nifty little torch. It features a handy carabiner to hang from your belt or jacket or to the inside of a tent. When it comes to branded merchandise, this will be used time and time again!

9. Party 3-in-1 printed Triton Bottle, this unique sports bottle has a generous capacity of 650ml along with a 3W speaker and mood light. The perfect companion for outdoor events or whilst relaxing when under the stars.

10. EVA printed Beach Slippers, the ideal way to venture around any festival site, slip on and off, keeping your feet cool and dry.

Our top tips for picking promotional products to advertise your bar or restaurant

The hospitality sector is a thriving industry, even within our recent challenging times, people are now eager to venture back out and explore. Bars and restaurants are integral to our wellbeing, they are instrumental in bringing us together, creating communities and providing entertainment. There is a limitless amount of stunning branded products, company printed clothing and promotional accessories that are available that can enhance and elevate any hospitality brand.

Promotional glasses, printed wine stoppers, printed bottle openers, branded aprons and branded confectionery such as company chocolate Neapolitans are all great examples of how branded merchandise can be utilised within bars and restaurants. One of the greatest factors when promoting a brand is how this is executed and more importantly, how it is perceived. Product relevance is crucial, keeping within a theme is also imperative. Bars and restaurants have a unique stance when using branded merchandise and giveaways in that the items that can be custom branded are also useful, functional and displayed to the many guests that will frequent an establishment over time. This priceless advertising provides an opportunity to project your brand to a wider audience but with subtly, class and sophistication. These factors are incredibly important and quite often overlooked, their importance and relevance are paramount when wanting to achieve the right recognition from the customer base you want to return, time again.

When it comes to financing and banking prospects, consider an executive branded gift

The finance sector is a broad, varied and multifaceted industry that encompasses an array of complex platforms, all offering a range of unique and professional services. Executives working within this sector expect a more premium or higher-end branded gift, the good thing is, there are so many first-class items to choose from. Whether that is a premium notebook, a stylish pen set, an executive bag or a technology gift for when travelling on business, the options are endless. Executive gifts are highly regarded merchandise tools, not only are many within affordability but they are cleverly designed to deliver a unique user experience with a high perceived value, ideal for the finance sector. Quality is superior when it comes to executive gifting, trusted brands such as Swiss Peak, Cross and Parker have long been established and are pioneers of all things luxurious, perfectly aimed at the more discernible client market. Purchasing a product or clothing from these brands offers confidence, trust and assurance, that the gift you have chosen will create the desired impact and exceed all expectations. Executive gifts make a statement, render an important and powerful message, one that will ensure you are remembered, they help build relationships that you have worked so hard to grow and with careful and considered options, it will mean that your client will reciprocate their loyalty in return. Being astute with how you use your executive gifts will certainly yield the rewards you so deserve. Any finance executive or banker will be proud to show off their premium products, whether at a meeting, in the office or at an event. These are products that people will be delighted to use due to their overall quality, style and sophistication, placing you in a prime position to engage with them directly and to secure future business.

Our recommended branded giveaways to appeal to the construction industry

The construction industry is one of the largest sectors within the UK that extensively use promotional merchandise. This covers a large spectrum, from marketing and advertising, corporate gifting and employee incentives. There are many attention-grabbing and theme-related products that have been designed and are perfect for this industry. Tape measures, stainless steel tumblers, hard hat keyrings and stress shapes and a multitude of hi-vis workwear from waistcoats to jackets are just some of the many appealing options available and that can carefully target a welcoming and thriving industry. There are some smart gizmos on offer too, a range of spirit levels that can come in all shapes and sizes, spirit level keyring, spirit level pen with a ruler and even a spirit level tape measure, practical and interactive merchandise, ideal for when targeting the construction industry. With a large range of torches and toolsets on offer also, there will always something that will be suitable. So whether you decide on a stubby compact claw hammer, a Multitool Roseca, Emergency Hammer Seleter or a Pocket Knife Selva. Be rest assured that these fantastic products will ensure you are at the forefront of your client's minds, be it with every turn of a screw or every knock of a hammer!

When it comes to reselling branded merchandise within the hospitality and leisure sector, look at these ideas

Both the hospitality and the leisure sectors are giant consumers of branded merchandise, many of which are resold through various retail channels to increase revenue. There are countless options on offer, tried and tested products and clothing that is impeccable through retail, many with a high perceived value, allowing for greater profit margin. Sports and travel mugs are a firm favourite, there is an abundance of styles and options to choose from that will suit all budgets too. The classic Finger Grip 500ml, the eco-friendly alternative - Bio Bottle and the highly attractive Ashford metal bottles are superb choices when looking to resell. They are affordable, offer a wide colour range and generous branding area. Another great attribute to these is that they are fully sustainable, reusable and recyclable, the ideal choice to consider as many people are now opting for more environmentally friendly merchandise solutions. Baseball caps, drawstring bags, chargers and speakers are other great products that are ideal for retail branding. Technology especially has rapidly increased in popularity over a relatively short amount of time and with an emphasis on eco-friendly alternatives, it is propelling these items into the limelight. From wheat straw chargers such as Shaun to bamboo alternative, Laiks, through to the Power Bank Shiden, made from wheat straw and the natural Wooden Rotating USB. All offer stylish, attractive and interactive gadgets that sell brilliantly through retail channels, they are continually trending and remain in high demand.

Never miss an opportunity to market your services in the travel sector, here are our top promotional product suggestions to work for your brand

Although the travel sector, like many industries, has experienced a turbulent period during Covid-19, it is once again emerging as restrictions have eased and are expected to return stronger than ever! Like the construction industry, the travel sector has a strong identity, it provides a wealth of ideas and variety for some incredible branded merchandise. The most popular products being travel mugs. Polo, Kandinsky and Thermo travel mug are leaders in modern drinkware, all offer huge appeal to coincide with travel and related themes. The Tisana, Cinnamon and the Bamboo Travel Cup with Lid and Grip are excellent alternatives, offering appealing eco-friendly features, enabling you to promote positivity and to encourage a deep sense of wellbeing. Some other canny and practical products on the market that scream that out 'TRAVEL SECTOR" are Travel Eye Mask Asleep, Serenity Ear Plugs with travel case and Travel Toothbrush, immensely tempting ideas when looking to reach the core of the travel theme and to meet its expectations with relevant and useful branded solutions. The travel sector has always possessed a broad appeal, its demographic base is limitless, this offers a fantastic opportunity to explore the array of essential items that will not only serve as effective and useful tools but items that can be used again and again, always travelling with you.

The opportunity to market to a large audience in the motor industry should not be missed, what works best when it comes to branded merchandise.

The motor industry is brimming with opportunities when it comes to branded merchandise. This burgeoning industry is one of the largest consumers of promotional products and clothing, providing uncapped potential when you are looking to promote your business and services to a wide demographic. From low-cost dashboard items such as air fresheners to anti-slip mats and USB chargers, there are a wealth of products that are designed specifically with the motor theme in mind, gadgets and gizmos that are practical as well aesthetically pleasing make the most sought-after giveaways. The Winter Car Gift Set, Universal Tumbler Mug, Leather Key Fobs and the Swift Dual Car Charger are perfect examples of just some of the useful products that have mass appeal, ideal for volume purchasing when wanting to reach out to a large audience. As the motor sector relies heavily on advertising new products and services regularly, with new models being targeted towards an array of diverse audiences, it opens a wide door for carefully selected merchandise to coincide with its marketing activities. Branded mints and bottled water are popular merchandise used for customer giveaways, a small token gesture to give out as customers explore the showroom can make a big impact. Both products offer stunning branding areas and will refresh and please your prospective clients with a gift they can take away and continue to use.

For the public sector, campaigning and spreading a message is an important part of marketing communications, what with popular promotional giveaways are still used

The public sector is expansive, wide and varied, a metropolis of departments! The public sector's demands change daily, with new policies, events and news constantly changing and updating. It is a fast-moving landscape and marketing, and communications is an integral part of the mix to ensure that these vital services are being promoted and advertised to the correct people, in the right place at the right time. The versatility and ambiguous nature that branded merchandise provide allow for many products to be utilised to coincide with these activities. Promotional products such as pens, sticky notes, desk pads, USBs and keyrings are all useful items that are used to enhance any given campaign. Many of these are low-cost giveaways, suitable for volume buying that can be stored easily, with a long shelf life. Drawstring bags, sports bottles, sunglasses and t-shirts are great for outdoor events, these products offer the unique chance for local businesses to become involved as a sponsor to a specific campaign, allowing you to support and engage with your local community in a positive way whilst reaching a vast audience to promote your brand to. PPE is still very much in demand across workplaces and public spaces, the public sector must ensure the safety of its inhabitants by providing clear messages and the correct PPE when required for its employees or visitors at public spaces such as hospitals. Banner stands, window stickers, face masks and hand sanitiser are all still on the radar when it comes to promotional merchandise for the public sector.

For motivating clients on renewals, we recommend you explore these branded merchandise giveaways for your business insurance.

Promotional merchandise can appeal to almost any industry and many use branded giveaways as rewards, to incentivise and thank their loyal customer base. The insurance sector is highly competitive with many companies offering extensive and often complex packages, to retain business is crucial within this competitive market and there is no better way to do this than using smart branded products to elevate and enhance your business brand. Pens are a functional and highly welcomed gift, with an array of styles and colours, plastic and metal to choose from, these will remain at the top of any promotional product list. From the unmistakable Contour Extra and the Electra Ballpen through to the stylus range with bestsellers such as the Bowie Midnight Stylus pen, all offer superb quality with affordability, the ultimate in giveaways. Technology is a prevalent now as it has ever been, there is a multitude of exceptional gadget gifts that will work perfectly for this sector. Items such as the Twister USB, Adventurer RFID Secure Wallet, Omar Portable Charger, RFID Card Guards and an extensive range of mobile device accessories are currently trending. Relevant products to impress with and to ensure that the crucial business you worked so hard at to secure originally is retained. These along with the classic and more traditional wall planners, diaries and notebooks will certainly ensure your customers are incentivised to contact you again and for the foreseeable future.

Direct mail has taken off in 2024, if you are looking to market to a massive audience with a giant broadcast, take a look at our promotional products ideas that work for you

Direct mail has grown exponentially throughout 2024, much of this was due to the pandemic with many people working from home, becoming ideal business targets for a whole host of industries. It has since proved so successful for many businesses that this marketing medium is certainly here to stay and which we will see much more of. Compact products that are lightweight and robust are key features when looking at mailing. Also, mailing generally is done in high volume so low-cost items are imperative as buying in bulk will offer a greater saving. Stick pens are the common mailout products, ideal for large volumes, ideal for charities and financial services. Lightweight coasters such as the Q-mat which are also available as a mouse mat are impeccable for mailshots, not only low cost, lightweight but also extremely affordable with a superb branding area. Air fresheners are another great product for direct mail, super light and will be used daily, also, printed to both sides will ensure your logo will be seen clearly. PVC flexible fridge magnets, like air fresheners, are the epitome of branded merchandise. Not only do they have a fantastic branding space that can be printed in full colour as standard, but they are designed to be produced in high volumes, making them the ultimate mailing giveaway for any industry sector that wants to target and reach a massive audience directly.

Are you a gift shop and exploring your options for branded merchandise for a return on investment, we recommend these best sellers

Whether you are a museum, souvenir shop or a seaside store selling an array of useful and convenient products to a wide range of visitors, choosing the correct stock is essential when looking to achieve the highest profit margin possible.

Promotional shopping bags are one of the most popular bestsellers on the market, perfect for holidaymakers that require the right bags to transport their beach items and other holiday essentials. The 5oz Coloured Cotton Shopper,  custom printed Large Contrast Shopper and the Coloured Walton are not only tempting choices due to their attractive appeal, but they are also robust, reusable and offer a good choice of stock colours and value for money. With a large branding area too, they are the ideal merchandise for any gift shop that wants to ensure a good return on investment. Mugs, fridge magnets, cap and t-shirts are also retail favourites, the ideal stock to purchase in volume that can be easily replenished and offers good margins when reselling.

Many seaside resorts will be buzzing with activity come the Spring, a great opportunity for any gift shop to make sure they are fully stocked with all the necessary beach-related products. Beach Umbrella Nickel, Palma Solid Beach Ball, Beach Set, Beach Shelter and EVA Beach Slippers could not be more perfect. These are fast-moving goods for many gift shops, especially if you are located near the coast and especially when the weather is good! Other popular items for gift shop retail are printed sports bottles, with such an array on offer and many boasting huge choices of stock colours and lids, such as in the best sellers, Baseline, Olympic and Finger Grip styles. A gift shop just would not be a gift shop without featuring the classic keyring, low cost but delivering a high- profit margin, these are certainly some of the most recognisable best sellers for any shop at any time of year. The £1 Trolley Coin Keyring is always a firm favourite, a useful item to have to hand and a great low-cost gift, for any occasion.

If your industry is in IT or telecoms which branded merchandise solutions will help create fans?

IT, telecoms and communications are the backbones of all industries, the important infrastructure that enables our businesses to perform unrelentingly. Branded merchandise is as relevant now as it has ever been and there are some fantastic ideas to consider helping drive your business forward and to win new customers within this buoyant sector. Phone and computer accessories are one of the most favoured, there are many branded gadgets available, all of which are designed to attract and engage with a specific audience. The Wooden Wireless Charger, Cuboid Charger and Charger Cirkal are popular modern choices, along with other useful and practical desk top ideas like the WebCam Cover Lacol, the unmistakable Silicone Phone Popper and the USB Car Charger. These purposeful products have become more popular over a relatively short amount of time, to meet the growing needs of how we now interact with technology now we spend more time within the digital world. Many of us understand and recognise how crucial IT and telecoms is to ensure our work and leisure time runs seamlessly, promotional products can make a powerful impact to secure new business, this is especially important within such an active and competitive market. Premium gifts within this sector are also highly recommended and are certainly good investments when targeting future business that has the potential to yield profitable rewards. The Swiss Peak brand offers some excellent quality options such as the Secure RFID Modern Cardholder, Luxury 3-in 1-Cable and the Peak Bass Speaker. These sophisticated, high-end gifts will no doubt create the fans you so desire and will most certainly ensure you are remembered, an invaluable return on investment that will tighten the bond with your most valued customers.

Looking for employee recognition gifts, or branded merchandise options to gift to your new employees? we recommend you explore these options

Creating a positive working culture is integral to the success of any business within all sectors. Your employees are the driving force and backbone of the company and individually they bring their unique skillsets together to perform collectively. Rewarding staff members is vital in maintaining positive morale and ensuring productivity remains high and that staff fulfilled. For new members then starter packs are a great way to deliver an introduction, a branded pen and notebook such as the Noir Edge promotional notebooks, Mole Mate Duo and for something more premium like the Cation Notebook with Wireless Charging Pads are superb options to welcome your new staff, a personalised gift they can use for work and when at home. Power banks, USBs and phone chargers are also highly regarded products along with travel mugs and tumblers, items that will be used daily, whether at the desk or during the commute.

To celebrate long employee service then an award such as the Plaque Nelam, the Globe Glass Trophy, Teardrop custom award or Star Awards are excellent options to consider. Hard enamel pin badges, wine sets, power banks and premium pen sets by Cross, Waterman or Parker provide exquisite premium gift solutions at the higher end. Impressive executive level rewards that show appreciation and recognition to your most valued and treasured employees are simply priceless, a positive action that will always be remembered and cherished for many years to come.

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