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9 ways promotional merchandise raises brand awareness

Promotional merchandise is as relevant now as it has ever been. It continues to provide limitless opportunities for any business looking to raise its brand identity in an innovative and targeted way. Let your company logo on merchandise be seen by thousands of people, from all demographics, regularly. Promotional goods can often give a higher perceived value to the recipient. Items such as branded technology can be a perfect way to raise that awareness, offering an eye-opening practical gift, emblazoned with your logo. Giving away personalized merchandise increases your chance of winning new business by 83%. Your brand will be remembered by 88% of those who receive them. Advertising merchandise is an excellent way to coincide with any marketing campaign. A printed merchandise giveaway will always be welcomed and more importantly, your brand will be remembered and instilled in its user. Whatever your industry sector, the aim is to ensure your message is clear. Custom printed promotional products can give you the edge, standing out with a bespoke item will certainly elevate you above your competitors above. 83% of people receiving company merchandise have stated that it gives them a positive feeling, and which is priceless in promoting your brand further. There are thousands of options for promotional giveaways, there is something for everyone. Your logo can be placed on any product or clothing, small or large, desktop or pocket-size - the list is endless. This just increases the chance of you being seen, interacted with, and remembered furthermore. To enhance your awareness then branded merchandise is a key factor in making a positive impact, reaching a large audience, and reinforcing your message whilst also creating that magical sense of wellbeing.

Advertising merchandise is a key charity marketing tool and here's why

Charities of all sizes use advertising merchandise regularly as it the most proven and effective way of raising awareness. Merchandise supplies such as charity t-shirts, promotional trolley coin keyrings, custom pin badges, and branded bags are popular items that are widely used by the general public, day in day out. For a charity, this is a key area of being able to directly reach a large demographic, to spread thought-provoking messages, ask for donations, and to educate people on its causes. By receiving a gift with a strong message or whether you purchase a branded item from a charity's retail channel, this is an excellent tool to ensure a broad cross-section of society is reached. Printed merchandise can be affordable and provide a huge tool for brand awareness.


Charity Collection buckets

Charity Trolley Coin Keyring

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Questions to ask your branded merchandise supplier

UK merchandising companies are extremely knowledgeable, well versed, and seasoned within product selection, branding methods, and more importantly, what will work for you. To ensure you receive the best experience and desired results there are a few things you as a client can do by checking with your branded merchandise supplier before you order.

1. When do you need your promotional items?

In today's fast-paced world most people want everything yesterday! Ask your supplier if they can meet the required date for your company merchandise and if possible, allow a couple of extra days leverage for any potential delays.

2. Is the merchandise stock currently available?

Always ask them to check stock, especially on a tight deadline printed merchandise order. Popular items such as promotional pens and branded bags are usually well-stocked items and can be turned around quickly in the UK. However, bespoke merchandise can take many weeks, so ensure you check production and delivery dates carefully.

When by?

11 ways how business merchandise will engage your current clients

1. Business merchandise is not only cleverly targeted but is also designed to engage your clients and to forge strong customer relationships.

2. Promotional giveaways will put a smile on your client's face, it is a gift after all! Your logo will be in their hands, on their desk, day after day.

3. Personalised items such as a printed mug will be used several times a day, reinforcing your brand. Promotional pens are the most popular of all branded merchandise, your logo could always be in the hand of your client.

4. Receiving a branded gift may trigger the client to contact you for more products and ideas.

5. Someone in your client's office may see the promotional gifts, they may want a similar item to use for an event, internally or externally.

6. It may encourage your clients to get in touch to discuss a new campaign or marketing brief, where products may have ignited some fresh ideas.

7. Custom merchandise will get your clients talking, sharing ideas, and looking for new possibilities. Using an array of different merchandising products will show your client the true impact and power that this marketing method can give.

8. Promotional gifts do offer that feel-good factor, a considerate, direct gift will engage the most complex of customers.

9. Receiving a company merchandise gift can prompt your client to get in touch, click on your website, and to interact with you further.

10. Engagement is a strong bond; business merchandise will certainly cement your client's loyalty to you.

11. Being ahead of your competition is paramount, by gifting you have the perfect opportunity to strengthen your relationship and steer away from any industry rivals. Use the limitless spectrum of available ideas to really be one step ahead and to continually stand out. Printed merchandise will be a constant reminder of your brand.

Branded Technology

Promotional Parker Pens

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Custom merchandise is fantastic for generating revenue

Merchandising products are a unique way of generating revenue, there are many possibilities for a diverse range of industries. For example, a non-profit organisation planning a sporting event - it may be that you receive a gift if you pay to register and raise enough sponsorship, printed t-shirts, sports bottles, or promotional bags. Branded merchandise suppliers will often produce promotional items for clients that will resell the goods through their retail merchandise website. Buying a collection of different items in volume will allow a good profit margin when selling on, so your client can attract new business as well as retaining their all-important existing customer base. Having your branded product on someones desk, in their hand, and being shared around will increase the amount of traffic you will get through your website or your door. Most importantly increasing new business by up to 83%.

Custom Merchandise

Promotional Technology

Branded Charger Cables

Promotional gifts can help with brand recognition

Your logo has the potential to be seen on a variety of different products, in volume, and by an array of different people every day. Your brand will become interactive, practical, playful, and useful. Any company merchandise supplier will agree that these key areas that can be sought from a promotional gift will certainly propel your brand into being recognised positively, time and time again.

Your company logo on merchandise educates your clients on your services

Your company logo on printed merchandise is an informative way to ensure your services are clearly promoted. Not only will this be a reminder to them, but it will increase their awareness of who you are, what you can offer, and how you can help them. Having a clear message to convey will also allow your client to understand the services that you can provide to them and to educate them on how they may be able to utilise this to their benefit.

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