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Looking for a Custom Printed Folding Umbrella?

Promotional folding umbrellas are a popular company merchandise choice, and here is why

One of the most popular designs for branded umbrellas uk is the promotional folding umbrella. Not only are these an excellent choice for your company merchandise and branded company giveaways, but they also sought-after retail items; custom umbrellas deliver a high-profit margin with mass appeal. The classic printed folding umbrella has many benefits that make it attractive. However, as a promotional umbrella, its compact size is the most appealing, offering a practical versatility, unrivalled by many other branded umbrellas uk. These custom umbrellas are applicable promotional merchandise for almost any industry. Also, their size, portability and storage capability make these folding logo umbrellas ideal branded merchandise, for any occasion. A folding custom umbrella, just like other printed umbrellas, offers a wide range of options to cover all budgets. Low-cost logos umbrellas such as the Mint Umbrella are perfect for volume budget promotional merchandise - whereas; the Swiss Peak 23" foldable reversible open/close umbrella is a more premium corporate branded umbrella choice. Ideal for executive gifting and higher end printed umbrellas for retail. Another desirable feature of promotional branded umbrellas is the extensive colour-ways on offer. What attracts businesses most to use logo umbrellas for their company merchandise is the array of vibrant and relevant stock colours available. It provides an opportunity to match custom umbrellas to your corporate identity, themes, colours and trends. Umbrella Hebol is a classic example of the possible colour choices available for a printed folding umbrella. If you are looking for a promotional umbrella online or on the high street, you will always find a broad selection available; custom umbrellas are omnipresent; it is the reason they are one of the best retail products on the market. There are some alluring additions you can make to your printed umbrellas, whether they are for company merchandise or the retail sector. Branding the sleeves and adding printed decals to the handles offers a more exclusive product, essential if you want to attract the attention of an enquiring retail audience or to please your most discernible clients. An umbrella promotional item is ideal when targeting a limitless and diverse audience. They are the perfect mobile advertiser at events and exhibitions. They are unparalleled for ensuring your corporate promotional merchandise will be clear and noticed by many people and with a positive impact. Whatever your budget, purpose, or objective, using promotional umbrella printing is a great functional and practical way to ensure your branded merchandise is visible, and a pack-away pouch option will do just that! Products such as the Tigot compact umbrella and the Mini umbrella with pouch are superb examples of how these budget promotional umbrellas can look in a presentable sleeve; in a range of colours whilst offering affordable quality with an on-trend appeal. 


Things to consider when exploring your options for your company foldable umbrellas

Like with other popular branded merchandise, custom umbrellas offer an almost limitless and extensive range of styles, colours, designs and materials to choose from, including an impressive eco-friendly range too. Whether you want a low cost printed pocket umbrella for an event giveaway or a premium, high end corporate branded umbrella, the choice is abundant. As the classic foldable umbrella is the most sought after within business merchandise and retail, this style has expanded to offer something for everyone, to meet all tastes and budgets. The stock colour-ways for many popular options have continued to widen as demand increases, enabling more choices for businesses to match their corporate identity to a stock colour canopy. Ziant and MARIA Umbrellas are both exemplary, functional, and attractive products. They have progressively gained momentum in the merchandise and retail worlds - offering excellent value and quality products, delivering mass appeal to a broad and mixed audience. From wooden handles, RPET canopies, corporate executive, and pocket styles with printed sleeves and full-colour handle decals. The folding umbrella is nothing less than an institution with global appeal and is one of the most relevant branded merchandise items available on the market today. 

How can we print your custom pocket umbrellas?

There are many ways to achieve the best promotional umbrella printing for your corporate merchandise. The screen print method is a widely used and cost-effective option, giving the best results compared to any other print method. You can print to all panels, along with the sleeve, to create that extra special giveaway or retail seller. Also, like the golf style umbrella, a selection of folding umbrellas can be printed in full colour - via a dye sublimation process. This method will give a bright and stunning finish, printing multiple colours, with no design restrictions. An added resin decal, printed in full colour, can also be placed to the bottom to a range of applicable umbrella handles. This subtle yet effective additional feature will add a touch of class and notable sophistication to your corporate executive or retail gift. 


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