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What makes a printed automatic umbrella different to a standard company golf umbrella

Across a broad spectrum of branded merchandise, for both company giveaways and retail, printed umbrellas are the most recognised, sought after and in-demand products on the market. One of the most popular promotional branded umbrellas is the automatic style. This well-liked alternative to the classic printed golf umbrella makes the ideal promotional merchandise for any occasion, come rain or shine! A printed automatic umbrella is smaller sized - suitable and transportable company merchandise for the daily commute. The automatic-printed umbrellas are also easy to store, whether at work or home. They can also fit into a range of branded bags, whether travelling or commuting. The automatic promotional umbrella has a smaller canopy size of 23"; compared to up to 60" on some larger sized golf custom umbrellas. The size makes it the perfect company merchandise to keep you dry - and which is highly versatile for industry types and retail. As in the golf style - a printed automatic umbrella offers an extensive array of designs to cover all budgets. Whether the bestselling Fibrestorm Auto, through to the popular range like the Promotional Golf Umbrella - FARE Collection AC regular. When next in search of automatic logo umbrellas, the choice is abundant. This appealing company merchandise, designed to ensure you make the best impact for your brand and get the attention you deserve! 

Top three most popular styles of custom automatic umbrellas

Choosing an umbrella promotional item offers a broad selection for consideration. A custom umbrella comes in all shapes and sizes, designed to meet a range of budgets, from premium and executive umbrellas uk to low cost and affordable logo umbrellas used for promotional, merchandise and giveaways.

1. The city-style custom umbrellas, like the 23" automatic umbrella, is a classic example if you wish to convey a more executive look. These printed umbrellas make stylish branded merchandise for a variety of business types. They are a good match for the finance sectors, such as banking and insurance. However, they are also used by premium hotels, due to their sophisticated and professional appearance. They are also good retail sellers, an attractive promotional umbrella online that delivers a higher perceived value, allowing a healthy resale margin for retail branded merchandise.

2. Windproof branded umbrellas uk are another favoured choice for promotional merchandise. Not only do they make a great corporate branded umbrella, but they are also ideal for sports clubs, outdoor events and make tempting logo umbrellas for the retail sector. Windproof umbrellas are also versatile branded merchandise. They offer an expansive assortment, colourways, appealing features, cost-effectiveness, to cover all budgets. The Stark 23" windproof auto-open umbrella, the Luxe 23" and the auto storm umbrella are fantastic examples of how promotional umbrella printing has evolved and adapted to meet our changing needs: for business and leisure. 

3. With more focus on eco-friendly and sustainability with promotional merchandise than ever before, custom umbrellas have also benefited from how recycled and low-carbon materials can be used. The 23" auto open stormproof RPET umbrella is a uniquely impressive promotional umbrella made from recycled plastics. This umbrella delivers innovation to a traditional product. It elevates and transforms it into an on-trend and sought-after corporate branded umbrella. An great choice, for any industry sector, especially for those who are eco-minded and who care for our planet. 

How we print your company automatic umbrellas

Like with other branded merchandise, promotional umbrella printing offers a range of eye-catching print methods to suit all artwork types. The most cost-effective and widely used is screen printing. The screen print method delivers an excellent finish where you can Pantone-match the design to your corporate colours. For a full-colour design, you can opt for dye sublimation. This method offers no restrictions; ideal for multicoloured and graduated designs and artwork containing intricate detail. There are options for all over canopy prints, sleeve branding and full-colour decals that can be attached to the base of the umbrella handle, offering an even more impressive and gift, whether for business or pleasure. 


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