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How the printed spiral notebook is still a best seller for the education and training sectors

The best selling promotional merchandise is relevant, practical and offers value for money. For office merchandise, printed spiral notebooks are the perfect solution for general use and giveaways. Most industry sectors invest in promotional notebooks; whether it's education, finance, charities merchandise and retail, custom stationery is the most sought after of all promotional merchandise, with logo notebooks being a best seller. There are many appealing attributes to printed spiral notebooks, no matter their use, office merchandise or exhibition giveaways; custom branded notebooks are used daily by a diverse range of people within a broad spectrum of businesses. One of the main attractions to using logo notebooks as company stationery is the extensive array of colours on offer. An expansive range of bright and bold stock colour-ways, ensuring they appeal to a broad range of companies, their brand colour colours, and corporate identity.

Learn more about the custom pocket spiral notebook and its uses

Smaller printed spiral notebooks are trendy promotional merchandise for colleges and universities, ideal pocket size to jot down quick notes and ideas in and out of lectures. Smaller custom spiral notebooks are not only attractive because of their ample colour-ways, but they are also low cost, making them ideal promotional notebooks for volume giveaways such as at freshers fairs, events and exhibitions. There is a range of cover options for merchandise notebooks, too, for extra protection for important notes and information. There are also spiral promotional notebooks that come with a polypropylene cover; these are ideal for wiping them clean in case of spillages and other damage to the surfaces that can happen to printed notebooks. Card covered logo notebooks are also popular, not just for being durable and robust but just like the smaller printed company notebooks; they are easy to store and carry around. 

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What paper options are available for custom printed spiral notebooks

Another feature of many custom spiral notebooks is the options for its paper; whether it's plain, lined or squared, there are promotional notebooks for everyone and every purpose. In charity retail and novelty gift shops, they generally lean towards custom spiral notebooks with logo with plain paper. These are popular sellers as they are versatile and appealing to a broad spectrum of customers. Lined paper is perfect for general office merchandise and regularly used by all industry sectors as their staple printed company notebooks. Square paper custom branded notebooks are ideal for education and the design sectors, perfect for numbers, graphs and design work. 

Learn more about our eco friendly spiral notebook options

Like with all branded merchandise, eco-friendly printed spiral notebooks are an in-demand choice by various industries. The Enviro-Smart-A6 Polyrop Cover Wire-Bound Pad is a classic example of how merchandise notebooks have adapted to increasing demands for more sustainable products. Not only do these printed company notebooks have a recycled polypropylene cover section, but they also have recycled paper sheets, making them a superb choice for the more eco-mined. The A6 Natural Cover Wiro-Bound Pad offers another great eco-option from the same Enviro-Smart range. The spiral notebooks with logo possess a recycled card cover with recycled paper sheets, the perfect combination for a more sustainable choice. The Natural Wiropod A5 from the Eniro-Smart range is an attractive, robust and eco-friendly option, ideal for corporate giveaways and retail. It also offers a fully recycled card cover and recycled paper sheets. 

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