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Promotional Frisbees Are A Unique And Interactive Merchandise Gift

Promotional merchandise doesn’t have to fall under the typical offerings of printed pens and branded bags. There are plenty of fun and unique options too, including custom-printed frisbees. These are a particularly effective marketing tool when you are trying to target a younger audience, such as children of school age, because they are more likely to keep and use a frisbee. Promotional frisbees also work well for businesses associated with summer or holidays as it is an activity that falls under those two categories so, for example, a swimwear company could use printed frisbees to promote their brand as there is some alignment between the two products. Branded frisbees also provide businesses with the opportunity to make some money as they are a promotional product with value because they are a form of entertainment, or even sport. They can easily be sold at summer fairs and festivals so that you can promote your brand whilst also making a profit. This could give you an instant return on investment which makes them a smart and cost-effective option for merchandise.


Interactive merchandise can be more powerful and memorable and the promotional frisbee ticks all the boxes

Most promotional products are simple and practical but not necessarily engaging or fun. A printed frisbee has many appealing factors that make it a great choice as a merchandise gift.  It’s interactive merchandise which means it can bring people together and even be shared amongst friends, families and work colleagues becoming a talking point that will only help to build brand awareness. Plus, it is a product that can be enjoyed by a wide range of people as it appeals to all ages, genders and background which is ideal if you are trying to reach a broad audience.  

What is the difference between a promotional frisbee or a printed flying disc?

It can be easy to confuse a promotional frisbee with a printed flying disc but there is a clear distinction between the two. A frisbee is solid plastic, or has a fabric panel, with a large print area and is shaped like a disc whilst a flying disc has been created and moulded with a slightly more advanced design. It has outer ridges that aid in its speed when in the air and is more often used in competitive sport for adults rather than as a children’s toy. There is also the option to create foldable promotional frisbees that can be stored in a pouch or a branded spider flyer for the ultimate beach toy. This gives you the opportunity to create something within your budget and in line with your brand. 

What are your options for custom branding to promotional frisbees?

There are two main options when it comes to custom-printing your promotional frisbee. You can screen print on the outer side using up to four spot colours, or you can digital print (or use a digital sticker) in full colour to the outer side. The second option is best for full colour photos and more complex designs. 




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