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Looking at options for a branded metal water bottle?

How branded water bottles are helping the environment

Within promotional branded merchandise, it is not unusual to witness a rapid increase in popularity for certain branded items. It can be down to new and innovative retail branded merchandise becoming more in-trend. It resonates with the ongoing phenomena of branded aluminium bottles being hugely in-demand and quickly becoming highly sought-after corporate merchandise. One of the many positive attributes of promotional metal water bottles is their broad appeal, reaching out to a wide demographic, where branded bottles will be used throughout the day. Some industries utilise the invaluable qualities of branded bottles in a variety of ways, gyms, schools, retail and charities all have their unique uses for printed metal bottles as their personalised merchandise.

Easy to refill reducing single use plastic bottles

Schools and gyms have refill taps on-site, allowing branded bottles to be reused regularly. Not only do metal bottles promote and encourage the health benefits of drinking water, but these branded gifts are also kind to the environment. Unlike single-use plastic bottles, that fall into the budget promotional goods category, metal bottles deliver a positive message of sustainability which makes them suitable eco-friendly products. All the custom aluminium bottles uk purchased will help reduce plastic waste and they play a valuable part in keeping the oceans cleaner. This is a major responsibility for all promotional merchandise companies to adhere to, whilst ensuring that more sustainable logo products, such as metal water bottles uk and their benefits are shared with a wide and diverse audience. Choosing stainless steel water bottle printing not only reduces the lower grade, non-eco plastic bottles but offers more superior, longer life and durable promotional merchandise. Not only do custom metal water bottles maintain hot and cold temperatures but their premium quality and seamless designs deliver robust and leak-proof lids and tops. Metal promotional water bottles are a great investment, built to last and more importantly, good for our environment. 

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Learn about the branding methods used for our promotional meta water bottles

Like with other promotional branded merchandise, custom metal water bottles offer a range of varying branding possibilities. Screen-print is one of the most popular forms of branding as it is with other personalised merchandise, consistently producing excellent results on metal water bottles uk. Pad print is also another useful method, especially used on branded items that have difficult areas to reach, usually where a screen cannot perform. More and more people are turning towards full-colour designs for their branded merchandise, and metal bottles are no exception, with digital and full-colour wraps now being widely available. Engraving has always been a distinctive branding option for premium custom merchandise uk, it delivers a superior finish, which can look impressive, beholding limitless longevity compared to that of direct print. You can learn more about our promotional print methods here.

What is proving popular in 2021 for custom metal water bottles

With an increasing array of printed metal bottles available within promotional products uk, it creates a wider collection to suit all styles and most importantly, all budgets. Dalton is a popular budget choice and great promotional merchandise for giveaways. 550ml single-walled, frosted aluminium with a carabiner clip, ideal for sporting events. If you are looking for more corporate custom merchandise uk then the Pacific 770 ml matte sport bottle with carabiner is a good choice and looks incredible when laser engraved. The Kivu 800 ml sport bottle is an attractive sports bottle, boasting a generous capacity and useful carry handle, making superb promotional goods for any event. These promotional aluminium water bottles uk would be appealing to the retail sector too. Not only does the Everest 950ml Thermal Bottle look stunning, but it also offers a giant capacity, double-walled and finished in a powder-coated design. A good option to consider for your more high-end promotional products uk. 

Many promotional merchandise companies will agree, not only are metal bottles highly prominent, but their range also enables them to be relevant merchandise for a wide spectrum of uses, from promotional to retail. Also, with their sustainable qualities and environmentally friendly selling points, it makes them one of the most in-demand of all branded products currently available. 


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