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Our collection of printed wristbands

Explore our range of promotional wristbands branded with your company or charity logo.

Why you need custom wristbands for your next event

Wristbands come in many different forms and can serve a number of purposes at events. 

Although they are not a necessity, which is why they are often overlooked when planning events, if you want to make an impact on attendees and put together a well-organised and memorable day, then investing in printed wristbands is a smart choice. 

For example, they are great as a method of identification for large scale events. You can use different coloured wristbands to help differentiate between members of staff and the public or to set apart particular types of event-goers, such as VIPs. 

On the same note, promotional wristbands also help tighten up security if they are used as a way of accessing the event. It is quick and easy to see whether or not someone is wearing a wristband associated with the event and, therefore, if they are allowed to gain entry. 

Using custom event wristbands as a replacement for tickets can allow for a smoother admissions process that will make your event feel more organised and enjoyable for the attendees.

Promotional wristbands act as a brand advertising tool

You can even use custom wristbands for promotional purposes whether you distribute them before the event as a marketing tool or sell them at the event as merchandise. 

Event-goers often purchase or hold on to their wristbands as a memento that they can keep for years to come - some may even collect them!

Which types of printed wristbands will work best for your event?

We can supply many different kinds of wristbands for your next event depending on your budget, the type of event and what you want to use them for. 

Just add your bespoke artwork and branding to create a custom printed wristband that will enhance your event and impress your attendees.

Printed silicone wristbands

This is our most durable option and it’s great for creating a more high-end feel to your event. Silicone wristbands are particularly popular for charities and non-profit organisations as they can be resold for fundraising in stores, they can display a clear and concise message and they help build awareness of a specific cause.

Promotional paper wristbands

Paper wristbands are common for festivals and smaller events because they are affordable and robust. They are perfect for admissions or identification as they are very secure and any tampering can be easily spotted. 

Promotional snap wristbands

These are low cost PVC wristbands with an adjustable snap up connector. 

Snap wristbands have a high impact because of the quality and durability which gives them a more luxe feel. 

If being sold as event merchandise, these can definitely warrant a higher price point.

Printed fabric wristbands

Often associated with music events, fabric wristbands are long-lasting which is why they are usually kept by the wearer as a souvenir. These can have a wide range of applications, from promotional merchandise to admissions tickets, and are great for charities, nightclubs and festivals. 

Whatever it is you need, we can provide high-quality and cost-effective custom wristbands for any event so that you can reap the benefits of this amazing promotional product. 




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