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Our selection of Branded Gadgets for the quirky promotional product giveaway

Branded tech gifts are loved by executives, students and technology lovers.

Why are promotional gadgets still best-selling custom merchandise gifts?

Custom gadgets make for great corporate gifts for clients and employees as well as unique merchandise that can be distributed or sold to your audience. 

 Popularity is, in part, due to the fact that they are items that appeal to a wide range of people, especially those with busy lifestyles or who work from home so need practical gadgets to help them manoeuvre through the day. 

The category printed gadgets, itself covers such a broad selection of functional and useful items that can serve any number of specific purposes with the aim of helping users get the most out of their technology. This could mean helping them keep their charged phone whilst on-the-go with printed portable power banks, providing them with a means of listening to music while travelling or just making their work desk more decorative and organised.

As a promotional item, gadgets have the added benefit of being used daily, or at least on a very regular basis, which enables the message displayed on them to be long-lasting. The end user will see your logo or company name every time they use your promotional gadget which will reinforce your message time and time again.Custom company gadgets also have a higher perceived value when compared to many other merchandise gifts, such as custom printed bags or branded fridge magnets. This means that when clients, employees or customers are gifted a branded gadget, it will have a greater, lasting effect.

Which custom branded gadgets are currently popular?

Leading the way for branded gadgets are our eco-friendly options made from sustainable materials. 

Promotional Bamboo Wireless Charger

This beautiful custom bamboo wireless charger has a rustic charm that is elevated even further when engraved with your bespoke artwork. It’s good value for money and highly impactful especially when trying to reach a younger audience.

Promotional Pop Sockets

Pop sockets are a relatively new invention and have taken the market by storm, especially in the promotional industry. They are a great way to spread a concise message or logo and will only continue to grow in popularity over the years.

Custom Wooden Wireless Earbuds

Promotional audio gifts are a huge trend and a major necessity now that remote working is the new normal so these wooden wireless earbuds are the perfect promotional item for young professionals or workers who need an escape whether at home or on the commute. 

How custom branded gadgets will help you engage at events

When trying to stand out and make a real impact at an event, custom branded gadgets are a great way to do it.  They are one of the more innovative choices for promotional products that will impress anyone who encounters them; if not for their value, then for their practicality in everyday life.  Whether they are on display at your stand at an exhibition, or being included in an event gift bag, you can guarantee that attendees will all be talking about your promotional gadgets long after the event is over.


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