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How promotional ballpens are so versatile 

There are many promotional product ideas to choose from, it can certainly be overwhelming at times! That said, promotional pens are by far the most popular. When choosing advertising merchandise, the printed ballpen is the must-have item. Not only are they low cost but incredibly lightweight too, making them ideal for direct mail branded gifts. The range is simply limitless, and it is certainly one of the most stocked items available on the branded merchandise market today. Due to the broad spectrum of colour options that promotional pens offer, there will always be a suitable choice. When thinking about design pens for business; shape, print area and additional features such as clips, all play an important role in promoting your brand. Many promotional ballpens are bulk packed in volume, they can be handled and stored easily, and with a long shelf life they are the perfect give away for any event. The options for branding your company's message and logo have never been easier. From screen printing and full colour to the barrel, even to clips too! Colour matching your branded plastic pens is also available and in many of the popular ranges. This provides a unique, bespoke look and will give a higher perceived value. Pantone matched promotional pens designed with your corporate colours will certainly offer that all-important WOW factor. Need a custom coloured promotional pen, ask our team about the bespoke pen service.


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Which branded ballpens are still firm favourites?

There are many best-selling ballpens available but one is a clear favourite, the contour ballpen. Not only has the Contour stood the test of time in popularity, but it also boats an extensive and impressive range, with an abundance of colours and styles, it is one of the cheapest promotional pens on offer. The Contour, compared to many other promotional ballpens is certainly the most recognisable, with its notable shape and curvy features. Want to take a look at more printed plastic pens options? you can view more here. Due to the increasing popularity of the promotional stylus ballpen, the Contour has also adapted its range to meet the demands of the technology that we use in our daily lives. Many branded products are evolving, and cheap promotional pens are no exception to this when keeping up with expectations of our changing habits. Adding the stylus feature to your branded plastic pens is a sure way to keep on top of current trends and will offer greater perceived value to your corporate gift. You can view more of our stylus pens here

Your options for branding to a promotional ballpen

In today's branded pen uk market printing is crucial when expressing your company message and values. Quality, price and the finished product is all accountable as it promotes and speaks volumes about your brand. Screen printing is still the favourite choice, it is cost-effective and produces a brilliant finish. A clip is a fantastic addition and a unique but practical feature to any pen. Pad printing allows intricate detail to print to a relatively small area, producing a subtle but impressive finish. New methods of print for branded merchandise are always being developed. 360-degree pen printing is attractive but affordable when branding your logo. It enables you to utilise the entire barrel area, wrapping your message completely around, to be seen from all angles. A fun alternative to this style of printing is the popular banner pen, these still fall within the cheap promotional pens category but offer an interactive and playful addition. Rather than the print being on the barrel, it is rolled around the pen on the inside and when pulled out, reveals your company details. This is a great addition to other advertising merchandise and to give away at any event. Make sure you try one out when you order promotional pens free sample.