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About your options for Branded sports Bottles

Branded sports bottles have long been an integral promotional product, not only for sports club merchandise but for many industry sectors. Styles, sizes, and features are abundant when it comes to custom bottles. The classic and most popular is the Finger Grip, it is a basic but practical design with its unique grip feature. It offers a wide spectrum of stock colours, volume options, and a generous print area. The Finger Grip also offers a range of lids, including the spout option and the sports valve, sometimes known as the push/pull lid. Another contender within the promotional sports bottles range is the fold-up or roll-up design. It is a perfect choice for a relatively low cost and extremely portable product and ideal as branded giveaway for sports. Another welcomed choice for promotional water bottles is the built-in straw option, such as the H2o Vibe sports bottle. These like many others and due to their carefully constructed design, fall within the branded eco water bottles category. Their unique straw feature eliminates the need for additional drinking straw products, which means less goes into landfill, surely a good thing! Many printed bottles offer exceptional branding areas and a choice of print methods. The classic print option and most cost-effective is screen printing. However, full colour, digital, and transfer options are fast becoming sought after due to the excellent finish they offer and with no restrictions to what can be printed.

Not sure which printed club water bottles will work best, our experienced team will be glad to help, with samples and visual proofs.

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A reusable water bottle reduces plastic waste and here is why

Within the promotional sports bottles market, branded eco water bottles are as important as ever when promoting your brand. With a plastic give-away product, it is crucial to ensure that your target audience is aware that you are mindful of the ecological impact it may have. A reusable sports bottle with logo will certainly instill that confidence and will ensure you stand out from the much frowned upon, single-use plastic products. There are increasing numbers of recycled and biodegradable plastic options available within the industry, an attractive product is the Bio Bottle. This bottle naturally degrades within 1 to 5 years due to an additive within the plastic. It is also a popular choice within the promotional merchandise for the sports arena and used widely by professional cyclists due to its unique lightweight design and excellent grip. Not only are reusable promotional water bottles good for the environment but as a giveaway, you can be confident, they will be used time and time again, for business and pleasure - advertising your brand furthermore. 

Want to take a look at more of our eco friendly promotional products?, you can view more of the range here

The main industries that love our promotional sports bottles

Branded sports bottles are used by many businesses across all sectors. Much of the promotional merchandise for sports is purchased by health clubs, gyms, schools, and fitness centers. Even charity merchandise depends heavily on branded products such as sports bottles for fundraising events and online and physical retail. When looking to purchase promotional sports bottles for these industries some products offer more suitability and will create a greater impact. For example, for custom cycling bottles UK, these may lean towards a more lightweight, gripped, and one featuring a drinking straw, to enable safe and easy use when mobile. Health clubs and gyms may prefer a larger bottle capacity with a valve lid, possibly a protein shaker, or a jogger-style bottle for easy handling. Charities may find that a combination of all styles will work for their events, from the classic Finger Grip which offers a low price but excellent all-round quality, and possibly one similar to the Bio Bottle, for a slightly higher-end retail product. 

Need some help on discussing the ideal promotional sports bottles, to work with your logo and brand. Our team will be glad to make some suggestions.

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