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Custom Branded Teddy Bears

Explore our printed T-shirt bears and Mini Promotional Bears

Learn how gifting a printed teddy bear will help create fans for your brand or charity cause.

Classic custom toys have always been a great gift idea for children's merchandise and a wide range of corporate activities and the retail market. Sectors that invest in printed products such as customised teddy bears understand the importance of the benefits, not only as popular promotional toys that will increase revenue but as a great way to promote and advertise your brand and raise awareness. You will almost certainly find branded soft toys such as a printed teddy bear in souvenirs and experience gift shops. They offer an attractive keepsake gift, and custom toys are popular with young and older audiences. University gift shops are also big fans of promotional toys, where printed teddy bear t shirts will sometimes become an informal mascot and fun and pleasant reminder of the university experience. They are also great giveaway ideas for student events and freshers' fairs. Charities also invest in promotional toys to help raise funds, deliver a crucial message about the work, and educate people. Ask any promotional supplier, and they will agree; branded soft toys such as teddies make excellent charity merchandise, applicable for all age groups and guaranteed to offer an unrivalled ROI due to their higher perceived value. If you are looking into investing in promotional teddy bears wholesale for the corporate sector, staff incentives and client gifts, then a printed teddy makes a very welcome choice. The education sector is a big fan of printed products such as branded soft toys, and there's no better way to end the school year than with a token gift, such as a fluffy printed teddy bear, to be treasured for many years to come!


Our advice on picking the perfect branded soft toys for your audience

From customised teddy bears with t-shirts, hoodies, bandanas, and bows to teddy bears with personalised jumpers, there is a bear for everyone to suit all budgets and purposes. There is a range of bears for schools and other children's merchandise, from mini sizes and keyring options to more prominent styles. Budget promotional toys are always popular for gift shops, education and charities, and the classic printed teddy bear with a T-shirt is the most in demand. Aside from souvenirs and school promotional products, customised teddy bears are also great business giveaways. Custom toys such as branded bears are perfect if you want to make an instant impression and get your brand noticed. Teddy bears make attractive onboarding gifts or fun promotional toys to use on social media where you can showcase your work culture and personality whilst promoting your brand. For smaller marketing budgets, the printed teddy bear keyring is still incredibly popular!

Custom Plush Teddies: 

Regarding branded soft toys, teddy bears with hoodies are popular in gift shops and sports clubs and are a particular favourite with older children. The plush teddy bear with hoodie is among the best-sellers across the range. It offers excellent value and a much higher perceived value product, making it an appealing choice for branded retail and corporate gifting.

Promotional Bears with t-shirts:

The most iconic and widely sought-after branded soft toys are the classic printed teddy bear t shirts. The best-selling Victoria bear range delivers exceptional quality bears from 13cm, 16cm and 19cm to cover all budgets and occasions. Aside from being excellent value, they are ideal for milestone and seasonal gifts for the education sector, perfect for schools and nurseries. The t-shirts also offer a generous branding area that looks stunning when printed in full colour. 

Promotional Jointed Bears: 

Another excellent best-selling range of branded soft toys is the Honey Bears; they come in all shapes and sizes, dressed t-shirts, sashes, vests, bows and hoodies - to name a few! These classic promotional jointed bears are great for charities, gift shop retail, volume event giveaways, and corporate giveaways. Also, they are relatively lightweight, making them a mailing gift idea for clients or a reward or incentive for staff who may still be working from home. 

Things to consider when branding your custom teddy bears:

With so many options for branding your customised teddy bears, all methods produce stunning results to ensure you make the right impact on your audience. The printed sash offers an affordable but attractive solution if you are looking for a low-budget end bear for a giveaway, ideal for significant corporate events, schools and charity merchandise. The classic and most popular printed t-shirt delivers a generous print area, not only to the front but also to the back. The printed teddy bear t shirts are a great way to make a statement and ensure you are easily visible with branding space for logos, contact details and information about your services. Printed hoodies offer a similar branding experience to printed t-shirts, but with an overall, more premium feel, perfect for retail and executive gifting. 

How The Branded Company can help you source the perfect logo bear for your budget and audience

We work closely with all our customers, offering the most affordable and relevant promotional toys and branded teddy bears to suit any occasion. Our knowledge is unrivalled within the industry, so don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your next branded merchandise project - where we are always on hand ad ready to help you enhance and elevate your brand - on time and within budget!

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