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Explore custom printed YoYos

Bring Fun Back To Promotional Products With Printed Yoyos. 

Promotional products have somewhat of a reputation for being predictable and boring, so why not explore something a little more engaging with printed yoyos. These small toys are fun for all ages and are guaranteed to bring some joy to whoever receives them. Being that they are not the typical promotional merchandise, a custom-printed yoyo will help you leave a lasting impression that sets you apart from competitors. This can be especially effective for businesses that are a little more youthful and quirky, such as marketing agencies and sportswear brands. It is also the best way to reach a younger demographic as the more common promotional products, such as stationery and homeware, tend to be aimed at older audiences and professionals.

Novelty merchandise is an excellent addition to a promotional goodie bag

There are a few instances where custom-printed yoyos can be highly impactful as a marketing tool and one of the best placements for such a promotional product would be in an event goodie bag. They will definitely garner attention amongst all of the branded pens, bags and notebooks because the likelihood of another business distributing printed yoyos is slim, so you will definitely be creating something that stands out. Promotional yoyos are the perfect opportunity to introduce people to your brand and establish yourself as a fun and exciting new business. They even have enough value to be sold at events, such as school fairs and festivals, where attendees will be interested in an item that allows them to have some fun whilst commemorating the day. Plus, this popular toy has been in existence since the 1920s and is still as beloved and celebrated today so it is truly timeless. 

There are some exciting options with printed yoyos

Printed yoyos work well as promotional products, not just for being engaging and unique, but for the opportunities they provide to enhance and establish your branding. You can create a promotional yoyo in your corporate colours and clearly print your company name or logo on both sides so that it is eye-catching and memorable. You can even use our yoyo that comes with a red flashing light to make your brand stand out further.

Is there an option for eco-friendly promotional yoyos?

It is always important to look for sustainable options when investing in promotional products, and yoyos may seem risky because they are typically made using plastic. Fortunately, there are a few sustainable yoyo options available so that you can stay as green as possible. We have some beautiful and durable wooden yoyos as well as a yoyo made from bamboo fibre, so there are plenty of natural and guilt-free alternatives which we would always recommend over plastic. We even have a recycled plastic yoyo if you want the benefits of a plastic product but with better eco-credentials. It is extremely important to explore more environmentally-friendly options when it comes to traditionally plastic products, especially for promotional merchandise as it can reflect badly on your business when distributing large volumes of plastic products.


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