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Take a look at our collection of promotional rain ponchos

With the festival season in the UK, with the unpredictable summer weather, rain may be on the cards!, When it comes to our collection of printed rain ponchos and custom branded raincoats, we can make sure your event is never a washout!

Custom printed ponchos are the ultimate festival merchandise. Learn why!

Printed Poncho Keyring: 

When it rains, it pours, but there is always practical and functional promotional merchandise on hand to help - such as branded poncho keyrings. The simplicity yet effectiveness of a printed poncho offers incredible versatility as printed giveaways, ideal for festivals, student events, novelty retail and charity fundraisers. The printed poncho in a ball is invaluable. Not only do they quickly hook onto your keys or belt loops, but they will also offer the peace of mind required when there are ominous clouds overhead. Your trusted promotional rain poncho ball will be the best investment for your festival merchandise, low cost but with a high perceived value, delivering an excellent ROI time again. 

Custom Printed Raincoat in Bag (retail):

Another in-demand custom merchandise product on the market is the raincoat in a bag, a great promo poncho that can fit easily into any bag or even your pocket. Ideal for theme parks and venues, these custom printed ponchos are bestsellers in gift shops and can be sold alongside other promotional products for a good profit margin with a superb ROI. These custom printed rain ponchos in a bag also make ideal printed items to sell to the education sector for school away days and field trips. 



Printed Emergency Poncho: 

The classic emergency promo poncho is promotional merchandise at its best! These branded ponchos are highly cost-effective, come in an extensive range of colours and apply to many industry sectors - especially for events in the great outdoors. Not only do these make excellent promotional products for large volume event giveaways, but they are also good sellers for festivals and seaside gift shops, where the weather is notoriously unpredictable. The emergency logo printed poncho offers a generous print area also, full colour to a car insert, where you can include lots of details and imagery about your brand and business. 

Printed Raincoat in Bag (promo):

Not only do ponchos keep us dry, but they also make highly appealing custom merchandise for a variety of businesses. A logo printed poncho in a bag is well regarded promotional merchandise; it's affordable and ideal for volume purchasing. Another appealing attribute to custom printed rain ponchos is that they are lightweight, and when mailed out in large volume, direct mail campaigns will still be cost-effective. 

Branded Eco friendly emergency poncho:

Everyone wants to make a positive impression with their promotional merchandise, and choosing eco friendly products will undoubtedly do just that! The Biodegradable Poncho and Bag is a sustainable and impressive alternative to the standard single-use plastic option. If you want to give away a product that is kind to the planet and good for your business reputation and kudos, then this eco-friendly merchandise option is a perfect choice every time. 

How do we print your promo poncho?

There are several ways we brand your promo ponchos, depending on the style and products you choose. The raincoat bags and poncho keyring balls are printed by pad print, giving exceptional results and ideal for irregular-shaped or hard to print items. The emergency poncho has a card insert, printed in full colour by litho print. The poncho ball keyring and the emergency poncho do not have branding to the actual poncho; the print is on the outer packaging. 


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