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Our Promotional Product Printing Guide For 2024

Here at The Branded Company, we are experts in the correct promotional branding process to apply your logo to our collection of promotional products, branded clothing, and event giveaways.


Here is our handy guide on printed merchandise methods, to help you understand a little more about the available print and branding options and why they are best suited to each unique promotional item to achieve the perfect print or embroidery results.


As with all unique promotional product requirements, if you are unsure of the best print method for your logo or design, our team will guide you on what's going to work best for custom design and your required lead time and budget.

Screen Printing for Promotional Products

What's a screen print? 

This is one of the most popular methods used in promotional print, a custom screen or stencil is created for your unique design to then push the ink to the desired area on your branded merchandise. We will request a Pantone reference to match your brand, and every single colour will require a unique screen. Usually, we can reach a maximum of 4 colours with this method.


What about the Tampo Print Method?

Also known as the Pad printing method using a rubber or silicone material to stamp your custom design. Best used on flat items and excellent on branded pens, business folders, promotional technology such as wireless chargers and custom powerbanks.


Most suitable for:

Promotional items with a small flat area suitable for the flat fit of the screen, such as printed plastic pen clips and barrels for small or large prints onto branded bags, promotional folders, printed bottles, and custom umbrella panels, and very popular for branding to promotional notebooks.

If your Branded Merchandise needs a Full Colour print

Our best method to achieve a bright and vibrant full colour design with shades and gradients or photographic replication is the Digital Print process. Using the CMYK reference for your design. Full colour print methods to our selection of promotional products create a clear, bright, and sharp colours replication often needed on complex multi coloured logo’s. 


Most suitable for:

Our paper based merchandise products, such as your printed sticky notes, or promotional desk pads. With modern full colour UV print methods, we can now achieve this level of clarity on promotional textiles such as printed shopper bags and even complex branded umbrella requests.


Most likely method for multi coloured logos to a branded product that is not entirely flat

This will be the transfer printing method. This works with a custom-designed heat-sealed sticker for a permanent print with added longevity. When it comes to a complex design that needs a delicate application to a curved promotional mug, a wet slip transfer can be used and applied by hand for a stunning branded mug. We can even offer UV transfer solutions for branding to dark coloured garments or promotional bags this creates a vibrant, bright logo to your chosen merchandise.


Most suitable for:

All promotional clothing, especially charity t-shirts that require a large full colour design to the front and back. Some branded mugs with a large conical shape if you are looking for a larger print area than is possible with the screen print method and many more items. 

Engraving text and logos to branded corporate gifts

Our options for Laser Engraving. When it comes to executive gifts or branded stainless steel, laser engraving onto your promotional gift items will see your logo or message permanently clear. This process is completed by a laser engrave precision beam which is digitally programmed to replicate your custom design. We are huge fans of the laser engraved process as it's so clean and tidy when completed and provides a stunning finish.


Most suitable for:

Promotional Metal Pens, our executive stainless steel gifts, such as Branded Thermal mugs or Metal Takeaway Mugs. Some of our custom glasses range. Metal cased promotional technology gifts like the Corporate USB Flashdrive, and even some of our eco -friendly promotional range such as our branded Bamboo Pens and Promotional Wooden giveaways.

How Resin Dome Stickers raise your brand awareness

Resin dome stickers are a fantastic solution for bright and clear images to several popular promotional products. Firstly your custom design is printed digitally to a plastic sticker sheet and epoxy resin is then poured into the tray to set. This leaves a raised badge to the sticker that is glossy and leaves a premium feel over a standard paper sticker sheet. Your Dome sticker can be full colour, or we can even achieve metallic finishes for corporate name badges. We can now brand some of our promotional sweet tins with a resin dome badge to the lid, speak to our team about your options.


Most suitable for:

A popular option to branded name badges of all sizes, used for an executive finish to branded USB Flashdrives and often incorporated into promotional leather keyrings. We can also apply a resin dome badge to the tip of a select range of corporate metal pens. Another great personalisation can be added to a corporate golf umbrella where additional branding such as a company icon can be placed in the handle

A traditional printmaking process - Etching

Etching – Is a very traditional method. Your unique design is created using acids adhered to a metal plate which will then hold your ink. The metal block is then cut into items to leave a clean and executive finish. The benefits of etching? It will never rub off and leaves a nice clean finish to any design. 


Most suitable for:

Branded executive keyrings, promotional metal bottles, and executive branded pens. Bespoke medals and plaques.

For stunning logos to corporate workwear - Embroidery 

Commercial embroidery creates striking results to company branded polos and custom bags. Your unique design is digitalised to program the number of stitches for the detail and size needed. Most of our commercial embroidery partners use a Maderia thread to match your brand colours accurately. With specialist embroidery machines fit for purpose to apply designs to sleeves, chests and necks to branded workwear or corporate custom shirts. Embroidery machines are very efficient at creating text and logos to the peak of a promotional cap, or the panel of a branded rucksack.


Most suitable for:

All promotional clothing, including company caps, some canvas bags, and promotional bags that allow an access point for the embroidery plate.

Paper stickers are super affordable, they can be robust too!

A Promotional Sticker is a low-cost adhesive glued paper backing. This can be used for promotional budget items to brand charity boxes or handed out to a large audience. We can even supply supporter stickers on a roll, or we can provide the printed stickers on a sheet. Some of our printed stickers can be printed to a plastic backing, ask our team about your options.


Most suitable for:

Cost-effective promotional giveaways, such as cheap printed frisbee, or applied to children's toys such as custom yo-yo. Can also be an affordable way to brand a sticky note pack or a cheap printed wiro-book.

How the process of Embossing/ debossing works for branded products

Embossing is the process of creating a raised or recessed image, to the surface of your branded product. An embossed pattern is raised against the background, using a custom die block created for your unique design or text.

For debossing the process flips where the pattern is the raised element of your bespoke die plate. Your design is then indented into the cover or surface of your branded merchandise. Including heat in the process means that foil can also be used to create a more elegant look, such as metallic golds or silvers.


Hot Foil blocking for a premium promotional product finish.

Foil blocking (or hot foil stamping)as it is sometimes still called is the process of applying a metallic or pigment foil to paper or card, where a heated die is stamped onto the foil to create your bespoke design. Metallic foils are often used to highlight a product as premium branded gift or executive branded notebooks, custom diaries, and branded travel accessories.


Most suitable for:

A very common method for personalised diaries, branded conference folders, some leather goods such as branded bookmarks, and custom leather fobs. We also use this method regularly for fabric luggage tags.

Written By Dylan - Account Manager At The Branded Company

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